Understand Backlinks : How To Create, Importance and Best Technique

Whenever we talk about SEO, there are so many factors for websites or blogs that we have to be consider, one of the factors is “Backlinks“. Whenever we talk about this word, first of all there are so many questions arrive in our mind that …


  • Why do we create backlinks for better SEO?

  • What is Backlinks ?, what is its contribution to Website or Blog?

  • What is the best technique to create backinks?

These questions are asked repeatedly by many new bloggers, clients or those who do not know much about SEO, so I have written this article to tell you all this. In this article I am going to give full information about backlinks and with confidence you can read the article and find answers to all these questions.

Creating Backlinks is a very important task for Off-Page SEO of your website. All internet marketers, bloggers, want to see their website on Google’s first page, everything is followed by some techniques. For this, by using certain keywords, you optimize your website. But creating Backlinks in between is a primary task, for this it is a different matter that if you wants to use high authority sites and good ranking sites.In this article, you will also find out how to create Backlinks for better SEO.

What is Backinks?

Backlinks, we can basically understand that this is a way of linking incoming links, inbound links, or any website / blog. Creating backlinks in present time has an important role in SEO because. If create more backlinks then website will be more  popular and get more Page Rank (PR).

How to Create Backlinks for Better SEO?

You are providing some list below that gives you backlinks for free for your website i.e. this is the free source of backlinks.

1.Social media sites
2.Social Bookmarking sites
3.Image and Video hosting sites
4.Web 2.0 sites
5.Article Directories
6.Discussion Forum
7.Answers site
8.Free Classifieds Sites
9.Educations And Gov. Sites
10.Press Releases

Social Media Sites:

  • Social media sites are the first choice for internet marketers and bloggers because it is a great place for high quality backlinks and traffic sources.
  • This is the biggest free platform to drive high traffic and non-stop traffic, as you can get high traffic by making Facebook Business create page. I have given full details of this to my related posts in my Facebook Business Page.
  • Creating a Facebook page is like creating a new Facebook profile in a way in which you can add messages, notes, downlink links, images, videos. This Facebook fan page is linked to your main account, which you can manage directly from your main account.
  • Through the Facebook business page, you can create direct list directory such as Facebook and Google plus communities, you can make high quality traffic and marketing.
  • Social media has many great sources of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest Free High quality traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

    Social bookmarking sites contain bookmarks for your blog URLs such as Google Bookmarks and Digg. It publicly bookmark your blog URLs, either from you or on any computer, and if computer is connected to the internet you can access these URLs with the help of this bookmarks.

That’s why you should bookmark all the pages of your website on these social sites by making bookmarks and if other people also see these bookmarks and want to bookmark them, they can also bookmark them, and if they share them with bookmarks So it gives your website popularity. Some popular website names are providing you.

  • Google Bookmarks
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Kingged
  • Plurk
  • Dosplash
  • Diigo
  • FlipBoard
  • BizSugar

So you create an account on these sites and bookmark all your webpages and remember that there is no way to do spam activity on these websites otherwise your account may be deleted and you can also be permanently blocked by these.

Image and Video hosting sites:

Image hosting and Video hosting sites are the best place to gain high quality backlinks. Here you can host your images and videos as well as share them. You can paste your blog here and tell about your blog or shared link in the description.
As far as we talk about Image, Flickr is a very popular hosting site where we can host our unlimited images.

If we want to host PDF and Presentation, Slideshare site is the best platform

Talking about video hosting, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, top rated video hosting websites, on which we can host our video in free.

If we follow these three methods, then we can get very high quality backlinks for our website or blog.

Web 2.0 sites:

Web 2.0 sites are those sites on which we can create your own blog in Free, you can create your own website. Like – Blogger, WordPress, Hubpages, TypePad are the best examples. To work on these, you have to choose any of these platforms, then you have to choose the domain after registering details on these. Then submit your unique content and blog URL. Doing this, your article gets published.

We can also call Web 2.0 sites as Blogging Platform sites, from here on posting or Guest posting, we get high quality backlinks.

Article Directories:

In today’s media, there are hundreds of thousands of article directories available and some of these article directories are very popular because many bloggers, internet marketers and webmasters submit their articles to create backlinks.

Some important points for article submission on article directories:

  • Articles should always be of informative nature so that readers can get solutions to their problem.
  • Article should be submitted to blog niche related to directories only
  • Article should include product review, how to relate to related terms, special guide, hot topics, and the length of the article should be around 400 words.
  • The density of the keyword should be approximately 2% to 3% in the article.
  • Articles should always be unique and unique.
  • Articles should be structured and words should be simple so that readers can read and understand.

Some important article directories are listed for references

  • ArticleBase
  • ArticleAlley
  • Buzzle
  • Ezinearticles
  • Isnare

Discussion Forum :

We can also call the Discussion Forum as Internet Forum or Message Board. This forum is slightly different from chat rooms because there is no message of one line or two line here. To generate targeted traffic here, submit your blog links or affiliate links to popular community forums.

Point to Be Noted:

Understand Backlinks : How To Create, Importance and Best TechniqueUnderstand Backlinks : How To Create, Importance and Best TechniqueSEMrush
  • Before linking here, you should check that the forums are allowing blogger links or affiliate links.
  • This is not the easiest way to generate traffic, from here, you can generate good traffic in no time.
    Here you can share your knowledge and if you have any problems or questions then ask members here about them. You can also discuss on any topic.
  • If you think this platform is just simple to paste your blog link, then it will make online bad reputation of your blog ,while there are so many questions asked by people on these forum, if you give answer these question then It will increase traffic of your blog and also make online reputation.

Some good forums are sharing with you for your reference.

  • Warrior Forums
  • Flickr Forums
  • DigitalPoint Forum
  • Chronicle Forums

How to work on forums?
It is very easy to work on a forum and link them.

Some special tips for you ..

  • Follow the rules and regulations of Forums
  • Give the right information about yourself.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Participate in Question – Answer.
  • Visit the Forums continuously.

Firstly, to work on forums, you will have to create relevant resource list according to your niche . We have to follow the same forums that come with our content in the search engine and it is give regular update.

How to Add Your Blog Links to Forums?

First of all, go to forums to complete your blog link and your own forum’s profile. Please select topics that are related to your blog and questions on those topics.
Provide free solutions . High quality backlinks are also available in participating or signup in recent topics in Paid forums.

Answers site:
As we know, Question and Answers sites are high PR sites. We get high quality backlinks only by posting a blog URL here.

Through the Yahoo answers site we can generate high quality backlinks and traffic for our blog.

How to generate a backlink from the Yahoo answers site?

If we are promoting a product, then we should click here on “Advanced Search”.
And later we should choose “Open questions only” then we should select “Open questions”. Then you should add the URL of your blog in the end by providing answer or solutions to questions related to the product, and also add your name along with it.

In Simple Way To Generate Backlinks From Yahoo Answers:

  • Open the Yahoo Answers Page
  • If Yahoo Mail does not have an account, then make an account.
  • Search the topic according to your niche, which gives you a lot of questions.
  • Select one of the questions and give answer it in the appropriate way by posting the URL of your blog.

Process End …

Some Important Questions Answer sites…

  • Yahoo answers
  • Answers
  • Answer Banks
  • AskDeb
  • Mahalo Answers
  • Microsoft Community
  • FunAdvice
  • Ask Me Help Desk
  • Blurt it

Free Classified Sites:

Through Free Classified Sites, we can also get traffic on our blog. But if you give classified ads on your blog in a local paper or online ezine, then you have to pay a higher price in exchange for that, you should submit your classified ads to free networks and directories.

Limitations of Free Classified Sites:

As far as I believe free classified sites are more effective for blogs, not for personal blogs. There are some sites that provide backlink of your profile page so that you can benefit.
Craiglist is a very famous and largest classified site where you can get a free backlink by creating your free account.
If you are promoting a product through your blog and any people have any problems related to it, then you can help him through your article and link your blog to get traffic and backlink.

Some of the classifieds sites are sharing with you which provides you high quality links.

  • Backpage
  • Craiglist
  • Classifiedads
  • oodle
  • daype
  • Kijiji
  • USFreeAds

Educations (.Edu) and Government (.Gov) Sites:

Education and Government sites, education and Govt. Institutes have sites, so visitors believe more in these sites. For this reason, this is called high authority sites.
From here we can get high quality traffic and backlink for our blog, but it is quite difficult. Site where domain extension such as – .Gov, Gov.in etc. are sites government sites and sites which have domain extension such as – .edu, .edu.ca etc are educational sites.

As already mentioned, getting backlink from these sites is difficult but some Gov. And Edu sites that are regular updates and allow comments.if that site is related to your blog, then you can get backlink by commenting there. But it is necessary that your comments should be relative.
It may take some time for you to do this and only after researching it you can know which sites are “no-follow” and which sites are “do-follow”.

Press Releases:

Press release is a very powerful tool that allows you to use your blog in a very big way.
You can create traffic and backlinks.

As we know, the press release is part of a multiple distribution channel, so if you publish your article on it, then this article reaches thousands of websites, on single release.

If we talk of offline media, there are many news sites that press release. if your website, product or service is launched or there is an event then you can submit a press release to this news site. If you effectively press the press, your press release can be viral in a very short time.

Some important PR sites, where you can submit your press release.

  • 24-7pressrelease
  • Pressreleasepoint
  • PRlog.org
  • DirectionsMag
  • BetNews
  • NPR.org
  • Businesswireindia

Most PR sites are free where you can submit press release but for this, you should submit your press release after taking into account these 5 elements.

  • Title
  • Body
  • Summary
  • About Company
  • Press Contact

Final Point:

Looking at the point of view of SEO, creating Backlink is a very big factor of any site, so if you follow the points I have shared with you, then your blog or website can come in the search engine soon and you will be good enough traffic can be found.

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