Popular Web Hosting Types: Shared, VPS and Dedicated

There are a variety of web hosting types available from a plethora of companies. Deciding which web hosting type is best for your business can be a daunting task. The three most popular types of web hosting are shared, VPS and dedicated. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages but the ultimate selection should be which type fits you and your needs.

Popular Web Hosting Types: Shared, VPS and Dedicated

Shared Web Hosting
Shared web hosting is a type in which many accounts share the resources of a single server. This is the most popular web hosting type among individuals and businesses. There are many advantages for shared web hosting which include; cost, simplicity and features. Of the three aforementioned web hosting types, shared hosting is the least expensive since all resources are being shared. 
Also, shared hosting is the simplest, as the provider maintains the software and hardware, provides backups, updates and security. Therefore, the webmaster does not have to do anything but focus on their website. Finally, shared web hosting providers offer monthly plans that are feature-rich. This includes the basics found in the control panel and extra functions that add to websites like scripts, applications and blogs.

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VPS Web Hosting
Virtual private server (VPS) web hosting is the industry term used to designate many domains hosted across the same virtual private servers. This is similar to leasing an item as opposed to making a purchase. In this instance, you are leasing the service provided by the web hosting company.
There are several benefits to choosing VPS web hosting for your website. These include, cost, support, security and flexibility. VPS hosting provides one of the best values for the cost. This type of hosting is ideal for small to medium sized business on a budget. With no major equipment purchases necessary, VPS hosting is also perfect for startup companies.
Also, VPS hosting typically providers around the clock support via telephone, email and live chat. The majority of VPS host also boast a high level of security to shield the datacenter from major attacks. Finally, VPS hosting provides a variety of customizable arrangements with regards to bandwidth, storage space, database access and plenty of other features.

Popular Web Hosting Types: Shared, VPS and DedicatedPopular Web Hosting Types: Shared, VPS and DedicatedSEMrush

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Dedicated Hosting
Known as the “Cadillac of web hosting,” dedicated hosting is the best of the best. The premise behind this technology is simple: your website is run on a server where you are the only account. Therefore, nothing is shared; bandwidth and storage space are only used by your website. There are several pros to this type of hosting which include; no sharing of resources and no need to purchase equipment.
As previously stated, since no resources are shared with other accounts, the performance is at its best. The data connection is not congested by many users since your site maintains the only usage. Also, all equipment sits a data center facility with around the clock security and redundant backup systems for the highest level of quality.
Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting are the three best and most popular options in the web hosting industry. The selection of one of these types is primarily based on business necessity and budget.

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Popular Web Hosting Types: Shared, VPS and Dedicated

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