Niche Blogs Vs Niche Websites : You Must Know

Niche Blogs Vs Niche Websites

WordPress can be used to create a niche blog, or an ordinary niche site. What’s the difference between a blog and a niche website you ask?

Niche Blogs Vs Niche Websites

There are only 3 differences worth mentioning for Niche Blogs Vs Niche Websites:

1. The Purpose or Cause

a. Niche blogs are more appropriate when you want to create ongoing content on a certain niche, and dominate the niche completely. Blogs are the perfect vehicle not only to make money, but to get fame and a loyal following as well. You can easily position yourself as an expert and meet your target market eye-to-eye. The bad news is that since you’re so involved in it, you can’t really find time to be in more than one market, unless it’s closely related.

b. Niche sites are more appropriate when you just want to put up a site on a particular market, build some links and let it generate residual income. Using this strategy, you can make moderate income in many different niche markets, but you cannot totally dominate a market because you remove yourself from the market itself. The good news is that you can build one site, then move on to another.

2. The Website Structure

a. By implementing a niche blog structure, you display all your latest posts on the main page, so your visitors can see what’s new. You can report the latest news on a topic, communicate with readers via comments, and build a reputation.

Niche Blogs Vs Niche Websites : You Must KnowNiche Blogs Vs Niche Websites : You Must KnowSEMrush

b. When creating a niche site, you should use a static front page (refer to earlier chapters) instead of displaying all your latest content on the front page itself. By using this tactic, you can create an introduction to your site, and on the front page itself link to your individual categories or articles.

3. The Content Strategy

a. Niche blogs focus more on the reader, so you’ll need to write Content-Focused articles. You can write almost any article you want, even off-topic articles once in a while, just to keep your readers interested. You can also create Keyword-Focused articles, but when doing this you’ll still need to consider you reader’s overall reading experience. With niche blogs you’ll need to make full use of RSS syndication and other community based tools like MyBlogLog and BlogRush.

b. With niche sites you can go for more aggressive Keyword- Focused content. Since you’ll only be writing one article per keyword, you only have one chance to break into the top 10 results in a search engine. When adopting strategy you can do away with most blogging tools like RSS feeds, since these are only useful for websites that have regularly updated content. You can even disable comments on your blog since you want to disassociate yourself from your audience. However, link-building and other SEO strategies are just as important.

Which strategy you want to follow is entirely up to you. If you want to be in a market for the long-term, you should most definitely build a niche blog with WordPress. It takes time to be a market leader, and if you don’t mind posting new content on a regular basis, sooner or later you will get noticed and your blog will increase in popularity. In the future, it will be easier for you to branch out from your main market into smaller, related niche markets because you’re already perceived as an expert.

If you just want to make some money under the radar in different niche markets, and fame and glory isn’t what you’re seeking, build a niche site. It will not make you the market leader, but by building several blogs in many different niches, you can still make a lot of money.

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