IPage Review & Coupon : Latest web hosting review and coupon code.

IPage Review & Coupon : Latest web hosting review and coupon code.

IPage Review & What’s New This Year?

Ipage Webhosting Review

IPage web hosting features is generous.

What webmaster are looking for in new web host off course is value for money, this is the key consideration. We are looking for affordable choice, not too expensive, come with great features, tons of free gifts, and something reliable and come with the greatest customer support. All these are the criteria to consider.

In this web hosting reviews and coupons site, we take thing more seriously and review them even deeper and more details. Right here, we have real testing taken place in our account; testing and try out their services by ourselves. All reviews here are real and based on our findings and experiences!

Ipage Core FeaturesIf you are visiting them, probably already found these feature highlight in their specification. They use 100% wind-powered green hosting plan with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domain and allows unlimited website.

It includes free domain name ($14.99 value), security suite and site building tools. With free Google and Yahoo marketing, Bing and Facebook coupons. It is with 24/7 North America support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

From all these features, it’s clearly these are the world class leading specification for shared web hosting. There is no competitor at all.

Instant new account setup and no waiting. Free setup and Instant activation is another key feature from them. No one are willing to pay for setup fees anymore. Most budget web host charge setup fees on monthly plan, and void this on yearly plan.

Same at here, choose their yearly package and there will be no setup fees. Instant account activation allows you to get access to your new account right after signup process complete.

Free gifts are staggering. Their official homepage is stating nearly five hundred of gifts, and we managed to identify even more. Existing customers are getting their latest offer and gift too, that’s even better.

This includes security suite with SiteLock security at promo price. Some marketing credits with Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Yahoo Bing advertising and Yellow Pages business listing. Additionally, there is website design suite and SEO campaign with link building campaign at discount price.

IPage coupon codes and special promo price is now even better.

This is a web host that offers great discount price on holiday sales and on special event. In recent years, we have spotted few great coupon price, and the best so far was $1.99/mo. Usually their offer price is limited time offers; they rarely stay long and won’t be available after.

The current promo price is now the lowest ever, it is still cheap considering they are giving tons of free gift inside, plus SiteLock security protection, SEO service and site backup service at special discount price All these add value to the already affordable plan.

This is a long term investment for your sites, and this is surely the right plan to invest in. In recent year, we have spotted various sales promos from them, they are continuing to give more offers and introduce more products that are very useful.

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Get Cheap Domain Name

iPage domain renewal price is cheap and simple.

Within this website, you can find some information and this including how to get free domain during first time signup and how to transfer existing domain from old web host. After sometime, when your domain name is coming to expiry, it is time to renew it. Get to the vDeck control panel and domain central. View all domains hosted and registered here.

Check the status and choose your action to renew it, clicked on the renewal link and make payment via the billing link, complete it and renew it accordingly. Optionally, choose to set the automatic renewal. Their domain price is now $14.99 per year, affordable and this is a good price.

Domain transfer and website transfer is made easy. Here is another reason why we choose this over the other web host. Beside their great price and all inclusive unlimited hosting plans, new user can get free domain name for life and website transfer.

Its hassle-free, and their technical support team will handle the migration work. It’s a red carpet treatment, and we love it. They are offering great service to those moving from old web host. It includes domain transfer to IPage.com and the new domain name is valued at $14.99 per year.

Ipage Security

One IPage web hosting for all your websites.

It is common for us to have multiple numbers of domain names, it can be 5 or 15 of them, and searching for web hosting plans for them is not an easy task. Especially when you are having different types of websites, for example you have blog created with WordPress, company website created with Joomla, e-commerce site with osCommerce or Zen cart, and forum site with phpBB forum.

Having different types of websites, different needs, and different traffic needs… you will need some serious web hosting plan here… not really! Not to overspend on expensive web hosting plan that gives the same thing in return.

Web hosting plans can be divided into budget hosting, professional hosting and e-commerce hosting. These are the three common categories. If you need a truly secure web hosting plan, that will be costing ten dollars per month easily. Off course you can choose them for best comfort in mind and get a good sleep at night.

You can’t, because these high end hosting plan have very strict usage limits, and it’s difficult to have multiple sites running harmoniously without causing sites suspension etc. It’s going to be the biggest nightmare ever.

What you need can be a more budget web hosting solution, a professional one and also a secure one. This is very budget in price and it allows you to host any types of websites in any numbers, you can have all websites in this single hosting plan.

Next, they give SiteLock security, an enhanced security feature to protect your domain name from hackers and website attacks. They also have good uptime and server speed too.

IPage Site Builder Tool Reviewed

iPage site builder tool is great.

In generally, there are three ways to create website and put it online.

First are the web literate people, they create websites from scratch and do the customization and development themselves and put it online.

Second is the group of people that uses open source web apps like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or other e-commerce shopping carts to create websites on the fly and create website within minutes of time.

Third way is to create website via site builder tools, it’s suitable for beginners with some knowledge on creating webpage and bringing websites online.

This is where last group of user will search for various website builder tools to help them to create websites, regardless its computer software or a online web based software. Computer software like Dreamweaver is commonly used by webmaster community for websites development, intensive and powerful tools for you to develop websites from zero to heroes.

iPage website template and design.

Beside this, there are various online web site builder tools available too. For example they are offering two site builder tools (available from their control panel), and allows their web hosting users to use the tools to create webpage via drag and drop menu. Its simple as that, select the type of webpage that you going to create, insert image and media, and insert the text content.

Ipage Designing and building tools

There is variety of web templates provided too, choose your favorite web template from the given library, and choose the most suitable template design for your website.

Note that desktop software tools for creating websites are not free, price can ranging from couple hundred dollars per software copy.

But not for online web drag drop tool, for example they are providing powerful drag-drop website creation tool for free. Use it to create websites for your domain names.

IPage vDeck Control Panel Reviewed

IPage vDeck control panel is most powerful.

Their plan uses the latest vDeck control panel and suitable for any website and anyone. Beginner and professional webmaster can use the this to quickly setup their new website.

Features that you found in cPanel control panel can be found in vDeck too, and we notice them doing a few extra and done it better.

IPage vDeck features and addon.

For example in vDeck, they have the HTACCESS editor tool for you to edit the file via user interface. Set password protected directory, create URL redirect and custom error page, and many other. The vDeck also with better SimpleScripts apps installer tool, SEO tools, e-commerce shopping site and Shopsite starter package and iPayment inside. 

They are recommending SiteLock security for domain protection as well. In here, they provide easy domain management, manage your domain names and create redirect instantly via domain central. They have included the latest marketing tools, including Yellow Pages listing, Facebook ads credit, Google ads and Yahoo Bing ads. All these marketing credits are provided here for easy access by user.

Ipage Free Marketing Tools

Manage your account and billing page quickly from here. Change your account user name password from here, and renew your account quickly too. Set your account security question and update credit card in your billing details from here too. All you need and requires are all included in here for your convenient.

IPage SimpleScripts apps installer is surprisingly great.

Recently they added the famous SimpleScripts installer into their control panel. It’s our most preferred web apps installer tool. We rated this tool better than Fantastico or InstallCentral, they provides nearly 80+ free software for you to setup at your websites, choose the type of software and install it in few clicks. Simple & convenient, and they manage the version upgrade for your software too. Great tool and we love this a lot.

IPage SiteLock domain security review

iPage SiteLock domain security and protection is here.

Only a very little number of web hosting companies are offering SiteLock security add-on feature to their customers. This is one of the big hosting company that also offers SiteLock security. Beside them you can find SiteLock security being offered by Fatcow hosting, Bluehost hosting and at few other web host.

What so special about getting iPage SiteLock security anyway?

Its simple, you get it at introductory price which is cheaper than getting it directly via SiteLock. You already getting their hosting at special discount price, and now you can get this SiteLock security at discount price too. There are more than one hundred thousand websites protected by SiteLock security. Your website is protected from malware, SQL injection, and other security threat.

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IPage backup service review

iPage backup restore service is completely tested.

Restore deleted files, or restore back the older version, these are the few of the features provided by their backup restore services. Customer can get the latest site backup & restore for at discount price. Safeguard and protect your data today, use this service.

Ipage World-class technology

85 cents a day to avoid unwanted data lost problems and endless headache. Most big company websites employ thousand dollars backup solution, and online commerce site are doing their best to protect their data too.

Either you are running personal site, forum site that frequently updating, e-commerce shopping site that take customer orders, or any sites with critical data… this is what you really need.

The only way to prevent data lost is to have good planning, schedule for website maintenance and make sure the data are protected.

Only those take precaution measure can survive when data lost, server crash or hacker attacks where you need to restore the sites to previous stat.

When you are having a professional site backup technology, your site restore and rescue copy will just takes a few minutes of time and completed in the fly!

Most business spend thousand of dollars each year in data backup restore service alone. Plus, technical people for the job and there are lots more cost come into consideration. There is no sure guarantee this will work at the end.

That is why you need to source for the most professional service for your site and data, and here is something that everyone get to afford.

Free cloud storage backup service now available.

There are various online backup services to choose from. And one of the most popular trends today is to use the cloud storage technology for online storage and backup purposes. This technology is proven more reliable and ensures higher degree of data security too. Cloud server is fail proof and so they are the best choice for file backup as well.

Right now, they are recommending the cloud backup service from JustCloud.com. You can visit the control panel page, and use the special link to get to JustCloud page with their cloud storage service. Enter your name, email and password and get access to this cloud storage for free!

IPage uptime review

Our IPage uptime and downtime rating is impressive.

We know why million of websites choose them. One of the biggest reason is good website uptime. Website hosted with them is with good uptime and server speed rating. This is one of the largest hosting company and they employ hundred of peoples to manage their service.

IPage Review & Coupon : Latest web hosting review and coupon code.IPage Review & Coupon : Latest web hosting review and coupon code.SEMrush

Top web hosting like this does have advantage and they are able to employ more staffs to do the jobs. This mean more people around the shift 24/7, dedicated staff and specialized technical people available all the time to make sure your websites are up running!

IPage website uptime for this year is around 99.0%.

How to get a better iPage uptime rating?

Off-course, the quickest solution to this is choose to upgrade to higher plan and move away from shared hosting environments. For those searching for improved uptime site reliability, do consider the latest VPS or dedicated server plans.

The newest VPS plan from them is coupled with great promotion price and its only $19.99 per month ( Regularly $24.99). With this cloud-based VPS virtual server hosting in your hand, websites speed and uptime percentage surely will have visible improvement.

IPage CMS Web Hosting Review

We know that how good this shared hosting when come to blogs and forums website. We have performed various scripts installation test and making sure it fully supporting commonly used open-source applications.

Next, we are going to check this unlimited shared hosting plan for Content Management System (CMS) and want to make sure these apps are able to be installed, run and used in here without much difficulties. From our account, we are testing the following open-source CMS apps:

  1. Joomla
    Create corporate quality website with this free Joomla apps and business website with interesting design. Highly flexible, customization and lots of free themes available for free download too. This Joomla is most widely used CMS apps and lots of business websites are preferring them.
  2. Drupal
    This is one of the easiest CMS apps and it installed in just a few seconds. We have Drupal 7 website installed and tested, no difficulties or complexity of any. It is search engine optimized by default too. We just love their simplicity.
  3. Xoops
    This is another interesting CMS to test and we successfully bring it online. This is object oriented system and its more suitable for web developer who love to explore deep into their coding, change it, or customized their own function.
  4. Php-Nuke
    We can find the latest php-nuke in here. This type of CMS is designed for interactive website and it is 100% database driven. Recommended for fluid website that look for high changes and content flow.
  5. OcPortal
    This is the latest content management we are going to test. It is one of the most interesting and have many features to offer. The ocPortal created website can have member page, gallery, news, forum chat, and many more. It’s a complete online portal system.

Above are the top 5 most wanted CMS open-source apps. Hosting with them here is cheap, easy and works perfectly well for these popular CMS too. This iPage is really a cheap place to host variety of open-source apps.

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IPage E-commerce Review and Testing

This vDeck based hosting plan is a suitable place for e-commerce or shipping website. They have private SSL and dedicated IP if you need HTTPS website. And this web hosting plan uses high-end powerful server with security setup too.

Ipage Selling Online

They are now include SimpleScripts installer that provide various e-commerce scripts inside and including the following:

  1. Shopsite
    Enable fast e-commerce site setup and designed for small to medium site business. It includes variety of payment options including integration with PayPal, credit cards and Amazon payment.
  2. PrestaShop
    Create new generation e-commerce site with complete customer profiles and statistic report. Over 3 million downloads and this is one of the most popular e-commerce application.
  3. Cubecart
    Offering in both free and paid version. The basic free package allows 100 customers and upgrade to premium version is require after.
  4. OsCommerce
    This is one of the oldest e-commerce shopping cart and has been online since 2000. Its now with over 7000 add-ons and provides huge collection of extension.
  5. AgoraCart
    One of the most professional shopping cart and includes 10+ payment processing and shipping method. This is the cart with the most features and options.
  6. OpenCart
    If you need the most payment options, this OpenCart with over 20+ payment solutions is the best option.
  7. TomatoCart
    This cart uses light-weight framework and search engine optimized.

All these e-commerce shopping carts are provided by this installer tool will automatically setup the shopping cart into domain name of your choice. From our testing, we choose to setup osCommerce into our test domain.

The SimpleScripts installer is simple to use and require no technical skill. The 1-click installer is simple to use and there is clear instruction given. We are able to complete the first shopping cart installation in few clicks. No upload, download or manual configurations require. It’s fully taken care by this automated service.

IPage Email Accounts Review

iPage email services more than we expected.

As more web application is now come with email notification features, emails are send by programs automatically. Here is why when you look for a new web hosting plan, make sure they allows you to have sufficient email service access and quality.

Ipage Sending and receiving email

Web apps like WordPress blog have email notification feature inside, whenever someone made a comment in this blog for example, we will be email informed.

Email arrived in our mailbox, providing the comment info, and asking for our action on the comment, either approve or deny it. Here is when email service comes into play.

When web hosting company sell you a web hosting plan, they set the limit of number of email accounts that you can create and the number of emails you get to send out per hour per day.

Today web hosting trend is that they offers unlimited emails account but limiting the email sending per hour. They often have the limit set to 500 emails per hours or 6000 per day.

Some web host have lower limits, and some other can have higher limit, and often you can requesting their technical support member for limit increase and have more email sent per hour.

IPage email sending limits.

500 emails sending per hour is sufficient for most websites, even if you are running few websites in same hosting account, however if you are doing email marketing and sending mail to each of your mailing list user, then you should seriously consider this.

Cron job scheduling to process the emailing is one good solution, and there are some mailing manager apps that manage this for you as well. If you are looking for higher volume per hour, then you really need a VPS plan or dedicated server that providing you the resources as you need. Email broadcasting can be costly project, and it should be planned properly. Not to spam as well, and keep your opt-in opt-out list maintained properly.

There are many web hosts that allow unlimited email accounts creation, this including the famous iPage, Fatcow, Hostgator and few others. For example Bluehost & Hostmonster set limit to 2500 email accounts limits. Not all of them are same, check first before subscribe.

IPage Forum Web Hosting Reviews

Why iPage forum hosting?

From their specification page, we know this hosting is great for both forum hosting and blog hosting purposes. There are various forum web hosting can be setup here. Host your forum green and even place a green badge on your forums. Here are some of the supported open-source forum apps:

  1. SMF
    Create professional forum community site instantly, easy to use and fast loading speed. Uses server side includes for your forum to interact with your websites.
  2. PhpBB
    One of the most popular forum software, widely use and user friendly. Efficient resource utilization and resulting in fast site loading speed. Installation process is simple and user friendly too, setup phpBB forum site in just minutes.
  3. BbPress
    If you like WordPress blog, you would like bbPress forum software too. Created by the same creator, and its efficient in all ways. If you hate slow loading forum site, this bbPress is what you need for fast forum site. The bbPress is designed small and light, and various plugins are provided too.
  4. PunBB
    Another light weight fast loading forum software, punBB is PHP-powered discussion board. It load faster and speed is the advantage. Generally its faster and load smaller in size, efficient and optimized in all ways.
  5. Vanilla forum
    Well know forum software, and used by over 400,000 forum sites world wide.

Above are some of the most popular forum software . In conclusion, this forum hosting works and their shared hosting plan is more affordable with their offer price. This can be a good place for beginner to host their first forum website.

IPage SimpleScripts vs. InstallCentral Reviews

Now, we are showing you how to get started quickly with their latest SimpleScripts installer that replace the previous InstallCentral in their vDeck control panel.

iPage Simplescripts is easy to use.

With ease we install and setup the WordPress blog via SimpleScripts, that’s our first demo test run for this SimpleScripts installer. It provides clear instruction and very user-friendly, we have no problem to get started with it.

In comparison, if asked us to choose between these two, we would choose the latest SimpleScripts installer only. This is the same installer that found at Bluehost Hostmonster, two great cPanel hosting company, and now it’s available at this vDeck hosting as well.

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IPage Blog Hosting Review

When searching for the best blog web hosting plan, this hosting is what we want you to check out first. It’s not costly, very good, and it’s supporting all available open source blog website today. Host WordPress, B2evolution, and Nucleus CMS, Textpattern, or Geeklog blogs within one account.

Why iPage blog hosting is a great option?

The plan is including the latest SimpleScripts installer, the best online installer tools we have been tested. It’s offering more software for installation than those you find in cPanel Fantastico or vDeck InstallCentral. This review and coupon site is where you find details for blog hosting too, to further check the blogging software that you can install, here are the top 5 blogs software to install:

  1. WordPress
    State of the art & the most popular blogging software, WordPress is famous and widely used. Widely used by webmaster and personal bloggers. It is the free blogging software, and provides huge collection of free plug-in to extend the functionality of your WordPress blogs. Large collection of WordPress themes and design template to change you blog interface too.
  2. B2evolution
    Install B2evolution into your website, quickly and easily. It includes all features you need to run a blog, fully professional and efficient blog can be created with B2evolution. Multiple blogs support with user permission control, and some nice plug-in to extend your blog features.
  3. Nucleus
    Having one or more blogs, choose nucleus blogging software. Fully customization, full feature blogging software. With fancy URL and collection of plug-in for user to install.
  4. Textpattern
    Textpattern made web publishing simple. This CMS software is for blogging sites. Flexible and elegant, this blog software is a great tool.
  5. Greeklog
    Geeklog is all in one & “Out of the box” blogging software solution, created for personal and business websites that want to have blog for their website. Wide range of features and functionality.

Expert opinions on iPage web hosting.

Ipage Customer SupportThis is one of the best web hosting brand and we are highly recommending this. They are well-known for their unlimited plan selling for the price of $1.99/mo.

This is a perfect plan that uses green community energy only. They are so popular and now recommended by thousand of webmasters.

What webmaster wants can be found in here, they set the best balance between price, feature and quality. This is a complete and perfect place to host all your websites.

Ipage Domain Registration

Ipage Sign up

iPage customer reviews and feedback is positive.

We are accepting feedback and reviews from their customers. If you are one of the user and having something to say about them, here is the place to voice out. Write to us your feedback and testimonial via commenting box in this blog post.Get-started-button

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