What Is ClickBank And How To Make Money With ClickBank Network ?

If you are in the online marketing business, chances are that you’ve already heard of ClickBank. However, if you still don’t know how to make money with ClickBank, you’ve got to spend a few minutes and read on. The usual trend is to immediately go for a product or service that is trending, without even knowing how it works, or whether it is going to work for you.

To know how to make money with this affiliate network or marketplace, you need to learn, What ClickBank is?



     Let Us Take A Step-By-Step Look And Find Out:
  • What ClickBank is all about, and how should one go about using it to earn a lot of money
  • The methods to use to choose the products you will be promoting
  • The easiest and tested ways to promote ClickBank products
  • How to use ClickBank?

What Is ClickBank and How does it work?

ClickBank is a little more than an affiliate network because it is a sort of sophisticated marketplace for people who love creating products but have difficulty selling them. ClickBank helps affiliates make a lot of money and eliminates the need for tons of paperwork and legal sounding agreements on paper leaving most people confused with all the jargon.

Official Website: Clickbank.com

One Of The Best Product Marketplaces For Affiliates

If you are an affiliate marketer, it is probably going to be very easy as all you need to do is to create the relevant affiliate links for various products and look for ways and means to divert targeted traffic towards your site. There is nothing that can stop the money from pouring in. Registering with ClickBank involves quite a simple procedure that won’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

The Perfect Portal For Selling Your Products

Irrespective of the number of products you have, you can add them to the portal’s database. ClickBank takes charge of the checkout and other formalities related to the e-commerce business. What’s more is you get your share for being part of the affiliate program. You don’t have to be a geek or a technical wizard; however, you need to realize that the portal will take its due from every sale you make through it.

Hence, if you make it big and achieve fantastic sales figures, you may want to quit from the portal, however, in the beginning, it is cool, as you do not have to break your head with all the technicalities and complications.

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Pros And Cons

There is no doubt that ClickBank is the best place for a newbie, and there aren’t many hassles while starting off as an affiliate. you can start your sales campaign immediately. However, like any other affiliate program, this one also has its pros and cons:


  • Fantastic offers, often fetching 70 to 75% commission
  • Selling is allowed without any geographical barriers (sell in any country)
  • Most offers are almost permanent, assuring regular income
  • There are no technical difficulties to bog you down


  • The portal does sell some lousy products, though that’s no concern of yours
  • The competition can be stiff, especially for niche products
  • You don’t know how things will work out unless you give it a shot
  • The portal does not come without the relatively high costs involved

The Trick Lies In Zeroing In On The Perfect Product To Sell

For a beginner who wishes to test the waters first, it makes sense for you to start off as an affiliate of ClickBank by working with pages that have gone through the optimization drill already so that you can carve a niche for yourself.

The trick lies in choosing the right product, which you feel is worth promoting on a portal like ClickBank. Even if you are one of the best promoters, all your efforts could be in vain if you choose the wrong product. 

You need to understand the trick in diverting traffic to a page that sells, only then will you be able to see some good revenues.

how to make money with clickbank without website

How To Find Out The Best Product To Promote?

All said and done, you realize the importance of choosing the right product, but how do you go about that? Here are some pointers that will help:

  • Go for low-cost products initially, so that sales is not a problem
  • Ensure you go for products that have fantastic reviews, and half your job is done
  • Ensure that you have a page with good conversion rates

Keeping track of conversions is very important. You can do this and create links so that keeping track of conversions is easy. Having a tracking ID also helps in monitoring better.


Even highly successful Amazon affiliates still depend on good reviews for boosting their sales. This time-tested tactic works unfailingly. The truth is that traffic generated through reviews is highly targeted, and most of the prospects turn into solid conversions without fail.

Moreover, the review should always be unbiased and have an equal number of pros and cons detailed, which makes things look very authentic. Winning over the customer is of utmost importance for success in affiliate marketing.

Proper reviews can help you increase the volume of traffic, which in turn is directly proportionate to the sales. Review keywords normally attract very low traffic though the competition is quite stiff. There is not a single SEO worth its salt not trying to make a fast buck through reviews.

However, the drawback with reviews is that they are overused already, and relying only on this tactic may not work out in the end. Moreover, the only way to aggressively push sales is to post more reviews, as there is very low traffic for the reviews already posted.

How To Beat The Competition?

The problem with reviews is that they soon start sounding monotonous, and some of them may already have been used in the market, which is already crowded. This makes it rather difficult when it comes to scaling, and you can’t possibly fall back on more reviews coming to your rescue. Unless you have links that are shared, you cannot hope to break even.

Most of the sites are not keen on sharing links, simply because they don’t want their readers to feel they are being targeted as prospects. Of course, this is a major handicap in the trending social scene. The only other alternative is to go for paid advertising or find other means to divert traffic.

how to make money with clickbank affiliate marketing

Then, what’s the solution? You first target people with some freebie offers so that they willingly part with their contact details (read email). However, you are not pitching directly on your pages, and people still think they have some excellent content for free. Of course, you can always have occasional pop-ups and lead attractors, which will again contain some free offers that users will lap up and trade them for their contact info.
This is when you link your offer and start bombarding them with promo emails. However, these emails will go only to the people who willingly parted with their email IDs. However, what about the thousands of others who did not part with their email? There is a way out from such a situation as well.
  • The trick lies in avoiding any commercial offers bang on your first page itself, instead, try getting a lot of valuable links or worthy shares
  • Try using topics that are trending and have gone viral recently, and at the same time insert the keywords that divert the maximum traffic.
  • If you are not very keen on using pay-per-click, you can very well do without it, though PPC can work wonders if the traffic is truly organic
  • Bombarding users with emails leads to creating your email database, and once you successfully add them to your main database, you should be able to increase your sales revenues dramatically.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Is ClickBank And How To Make Money With ClickBank Network ?What Is ClickBank And How To Make Money With ClickBank Network ?SEMrush

Content And Organic Traffic

This is one of the most straightforward approaches, where meaningful and compelling content always creates a positive effect. Once this is achieved, getting links and shares is child’s play. Here are some easy ways to run after more traffic:

  • SEO is probably the only tried and tested method of using content effectively. Hence optimize your content for the search engines like Google. Implement some strong SEO for your authority site and reap the results.
  • Social Media, especially Facebook is what helps create some bulk traffic. Hence, like any digital marketer should do, you need to seriously have a dedicated fan page that helps you reach out to some organic traffic that is easy to divert.
  • Content Distribution Networks like taboola and Outbrain help grow customer base and organic traffic rapidly.

However, it makes sense to avoid any direct promotions in your content, and the only way to give value is by trying to establish yourself is by not being too obvious as it may appear that you are very greedy. This is what is going to distinguish you amongst the thousands of affiliates operating in this business.

Opting in helps, hence always try creating a good complementary bit of content to your main blog or article. For instance, you may have created a ‘how-to’ article that has a list of tips, include two or three with a link that allows them to download. It could be an interesting recipe or any such interesting bit that keeps the users engaged and prods them to read on and part with their contact details like email. You can achieve this better by adding:

Opt-in ‘Pop-ups’, which are likely to have a great impact and have quite a number of people getting more interested and subscribing with their emails.

Upgrade content, which is a very strong call to action (CTA) that should figure at the end of the blog or article, which can easily get noticed along with the opt-in pop-up. What’s more is that it does not cost a bomb.

Retargeting is another great way where you can still target the users who missed the initial offer due to any reason. They can be included in the retargeting list on Facebook as well, where they can get the opt-in as a link that lets them download.

Thank-You Pages Along With Offers

Once you have successfully had people opting in through the opt-in pop-ups, it is but logical to direct them to a thank-you page, which is the final step in your campaign offer. Sometimes merely promoting the offer may not suffice; you need to follow it up with a bridging effort lest people think they have been tricked into a situation that asks for their credit card details.

It should go with a brief explanation that tells them why they have downloaded the stuff, which would be quite incomplete unless they take the offer as well. Sometimes a recipe book is enticing enough to prompt them to take up a 30-day offer.

After all, the CTA is just an indicator that the user needs to continue, without giving him or her clue about any impending sale. This helps you end up with more number of clicks on the sales page leading to definite conversions. These landing pages can be designed with regular theme shortcodes or by using effective content builders like Thrive Themes, which helps you create such pages in a matter of seconds.

The Importance Of Email Marketing

In today’s world of easy connectivity, Email marketing has come as a boon for online marketers. While trying to lure users through links in your sales page may have some effect, getting the contact details helps you go on a vigorous email marketing campaign that is not very invasive, yet is very effective. If you do not have an email marketing service in place yet, you may want to try getresponse, which is an online marketing platform that helps you establish your presence.

An effective email marketing campaign helps you target the users whom you missed out in the initial attempt through your CTA and opt-in techniques. Even if they downloaded your lead magnet, they may still have a wavering mind and an email campaign helps them decide quickly. Even with an email campaign, it is important to split your auto-responder into three parts, which will easily tell you if there is a likelihood for the offer to be converted.

First Email

The very first email you send to the prospect needs to have certain features and should logically convince them to click on the link that would lead them to the lead magnet one more time. It could be in the form of a reminder in case they had missed it in the first occasion when they saw the offer. The reminder can have some strong points along with some testimonials justifying the pitch in the form of a question that increases the curiosity, leading them to want to view and read the next email.

The Second Email

The second email can be a continuation to the first one, prompting them to answer the question that was asked in the first email. The second email can dwell on the reasons why the user should take the offer as it will help solve the issue and help reap some benefits.

For instance, if it is to do with a slim-down-in30-days offer you could emphasize the need for having to appear more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex, throw guilt and self-pity to the winds, and face people boldly. It could also talk about the boundless energy the user is going to end up with and the enthusiasm that is going to be infectious. Playing on the emotions is a winning tactic that has worked on many occasions.

The Third Email

The third and final email is crucial, as it is the one that is going to help close the deal by prompting the user to take action right away. Hence, the email should talk about a limited period offer, which entitles the user to avail some discounts and get added bonuses that are available only with this particular offer.

This sort of emotional play can push them to take the final plunge, harping on the need for change and how now is the right time for it. However, it is important to maintain best ethics while using such emotional tactics. The message that needs to be conveyed is about the sincerity behind the offer. This way you can build a lasting relationship with a customer whom you are going to come back to with more offers.

This three-part auto-responder in your email campaign can be made part of your main campaign that you use to target the members in your database. While you are just using a part of the list in this particular campaign, it also serves as a testing ground and lets you know if you can bring in the entire database into this particular campaign. The front end of your page always remains neutral, and not showing any obvious signs of intent for sale.


how to make money online with clickbank

Retargeting is as important as your initial attempt at diverting traffic your way. While using Facebook remains the number one choice for retargeting, it also helps create a targeted audience of people being diverted to your website to whom lead magnets can be directed. This simple process can be a never-ending source of fresh traffic, which increases by the inane habit of sharing on Facebook that people have developed.

The Importance Of Scaling

While you can let the initial funnel you have built run on its own for a while, you also need to focus on building a second one and explore on the possibilities and need for spending valuable time on that to expand it further.

Making sales and expanding needs to be the target for which you need to pick a specific area and make sure it expands. This can be achieved by:

  • Ensure that your product selling is centered on best SEO content that carries strategically placed well-researched keywords.
  • Make sure that the content ranking is improved through effective link building.
  • You can also use paid social media to improve the traffic being diverted to your website content.
  • Increase the auto-responder from a mere 3 emails to more than 10 or 12, with a target of increasing sales.

When you have achieved a bit of scaling through the above steps your revenues would also have climbed steadily, and this would be the opportune moment to replace the affiliate offer with an attractive one of your own. This way you get to retain all the profits for yourself and have a definite say in things like:

  • Upselling
  • Your Sales Page
  • Divert traffic directly to your own sales pages
  • Have your own affiliates promoting your products

Wrapping It All Up

To sum it up, you need to realize that if you play your cards well you may end up surpassing the scope of the strategy presented to you by ClickBank, which is undoubtedly the best place to look for alternatives to Adsense and Amazon revenues. These revenues are certainly generated through real sales. While you can definitely make money with ClickBank the possibilities are endless as it may also pave the way for you to venture out on your own ultimately and create affiliates for your business.

Now that you have learned how to make money with ClickBank you can utilize this with several other networks and for your own products or services as well. What you need to watch out for is orders being pulled, which is an occasional occurrence. In such cases, it makes sense to have a backup offer, and if it doesn’t exist you may need to create one yourself.

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