How to Increase Website Visitors Without SEO And Paying Extra Money ?

How to Increase Website Visitors Without SEO And Paying Extra Money ? – Maybe the readers of this blog are the bloggers. And maybe also the bloggers who are reading this post is a blogger who is desperate with the name SEO. And yes, the title of this article is How to Increase Visitors Without SEO which means we will learn how to get many visitors on our blog without SEO.

How to Increase Visitors Without SEOWe all know that SEO (or stands for Search Engine Optimization) is a term or maybe a technique used by bloggers in the world to increase its visitors in ways that may be difficult and requires patience. This technique may need to be learned over time. But it turns out, do you know that there is an easier way to increase blog visitors without SEO?

Maybe some people think SEO is difficult, including me. Difficult here is not in practice, because I think SEO is very easy, but what makes it difficult is when all that fails (but of course do not despair yes), SEO techniques I know there are two types, namely:

SEO Onpage and Offpage SEO

Both of these techniques if applied to your blog correctly it will make your blog into many visitors, God willing.

Yes, in this post I will try to review about how to increase blog visitors without SEO. “It can?” Yes I can or not I do not know, but based on my experience I can. The important thing here is the technique of honesty and clean techniques, then also you have to do after this is doing the action! So in other words do not read the theory alone, but try to direct the action yes.

How to Boost Blog Visitors Without SEO? Internet Marketing!

Yes, the answer I might be able to tell you is internet marketing. Indeed SEO if not wrong enter into the category of internet marketing. But of course not just SEO that is in the category of internet marketing, there are more various techniques other than SEO that you can apply on your blog. 

Approximately, what we will discuss here is as follows:

  • Pray,
  • Arrange Interesting Titles,
  • Arrange Interesting Articles,
  • Presents rich content,
  • Using a good look in the eyes,
  • Promotion,
  • Trust.

Well let’s just we discussed, this is how to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO and get traffic to your website free.

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1. Pray

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the first thing you should do is to pray. Praying is the most powerful weapon in performing worship (and work also includes worship), so from now on let us get used to pray before doing work or work. 

Well you need to know also that it turns out a good working time is the morning.And there is also wisdom behind it all, we know that the morning time is the time when all human activity begins.Therefore pray is important friends before carrying out various activities including work.

2. Prepare an Interesting Title

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the second is to create or compose interesting article titles. Now I want to ask, which of the following two titles do you think are better and more likely to be visited by the public? 

“Using Clothes Tutorial”


“Hard to Make a Dress? See The Tutorial Here Using Clothes For Beginners “
Which one do you think is better? The title above my story I target the keyword tutorial using clothes, well what do you think the more clicks? I think the second one. Why? 

Because the second title has a uniqueness and interesting that allows many people who click on the title. Because it is in today’s people need a name uniqueness so reasonable if the second title had more click value. 

Then how to arrange the title to be interesting? I think it’s easy, the same way as above. Suppose you target keywords or make articles about laptops at cheap prices. Then try compiling a few words as follows:

  • Again No Money? It’s He List of Cheap Laptops That You Need To Lyrics
  • Your Laptop Broken? Cheap Price Laptops Here
  • Bored Same Laptop Now? Laptop Price List

The disadvantages of composing the title as above may be only one, namely the extension of the word. Therefore you need to be smart to compose the word so as not to be too long and not too short but arranged so that interesting people interested to read the article. 

Especially to find the main title alone may be a bit difficult, so you need to find the inspiration to be able to find a title that fits and an interesting title. Therefore try to practice composing the title of the article to look attractive and look unique in the eyes of visitors.

3. Compose interesting articles

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the third is to compose interesting articles.What does it mean? Well then you will understand how to what I mean, God willing. 

On the third point it has something to do with the second point, which in addition to creating an interesting title, you also need to compose an interesting article as well. 

“Then how to arrange articles to attract?” Easy kok, here’s a summary:

  • Creating articles in an easy-to-understand language,
  • Create articles with weighty content,
  • Creating articles containing various sources from experts.

Well now let me explain one by one.

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A. Creating an article with an

Understandable language To be able to do this of course you need to do the first time is to learn Bahasa Indonesia. No need to be hard-pressed to become a student majoring in literature to be able to have this ability, because now you can learn literature or Indonesian language with ease, is not now there is internet that can facilitate us? Therefore try the internet, but of course to be more professional and more steady you just learn literature directly from the experts. 

But keep in mind, often times when we are reading other blog articles with a very straightforward language or a very standard language, then we will feel confused about what is being discussed in the article, Therefore try to create an article with a language that is not too rigid, meaning for articles that use language that is understood by the readers. 

You can use slang but polite, but remember do not use slang language continue in your article, interspersed with insert a standard language also to vary. 

B. Creating a weighted article

The second is to create an article or content that is weighty. The purpose of weighting here is not an article whose size is one kilo, but the intention of weight here is an article that has content. 

Perhaps many times the readers and myself visit a blog or site that contains articles that happen to be similar to the problem we are experiencing, for example we are feeling tired and dizzy, Then maybe we will search on the internet about good medicines to relieve dizziness. 

And “landed” us on a blog or article containing content with similar problems to us. But unfortunately in the content or the article did not make us satisfied. 

Perhaps in the article only about the problems you experienced, but did not provide a solution to the problem you are experiencing, then avoid the content of this model. 

Try to create a weighted article so that visitors to your blog or website will be satisfied with what you have presented. 

How to Increase Website Visitors Without SEO And Paying Extra Money ?How to Increase Website Visitors Without SEO And Paying Extra Money ?SEMrush

C. Creating Articles That Contain Various Sources From Experts

What does it mean to yes?” So this way, It may often be that we create an article with a topic that we do not fully understand, so we only present content with what we have only, whereas in the topics in the article you are discussing has a broad information. 

Therefore experts also need to “step in” in your article. Immediately I give you an example: 

Suppose you want to create an article on how to become a successful programmer, when you yourself is not a programmer that is a success. And in the article you only provide information to the extent of your knowledge, but in the article requires more information. 

And one day you see there is a professional programmer who turns out to be your neighbor. You can tuh ask him about his “lunge” in the world of programming, then you ask permission that his experience is published in your blog. 

Automatic information in your articles will get better with the involvement of experts. Well that’s what I mean. 

But remember, try as much as possible to ask permission first to the experts concerned to be asked for information that will be published on your blog so that later there are no unwanted things.

4. Presenting Rich Content

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the next is to provide the visitors with rich content. The rich content here is not the point of having a billion dollars, not like that. But the rich content here is content that has a variety of “variations”. “Meaning?”, Well maybe friends all still do not understand. 

Here, try in the article that you created has some of the following elements:

  • Images (such as illustrations, infographics, and more)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Embed from social media,
  • and others.

Now you try to imagine, if you’re reading an article, but it turns out the contents of the article 100% contains text only, of course make dizzy and lazy to read it is not it? 

Well then the role of other media may be needed here. This is useful to make the eyes of the readers are not lazy to read so that visitors feel at home on your website. 

Illustrations and Infographics

Here I assume you already understand about illustrations and infographics. 

Well to make illustrations and infographics quite easy, you need to know is the basic of the design course. Try to create illustrations and infographics to be the same or relevant to the topic of the article being discussed. 

You can use the famous photo editing software, For more details please search on the internet.


The purpose of audio here is in the article that you create will feel more complete if given a touch of audio or sound. 

Especially now web technology is getting more advanced and probably almost all browsers support this audio. So try to give a touch of audio in your article. 

Again, the audio should also be relevant to the topic of the article you are discussing.


Maybe you now know that most social media now allow its users to embed. 

By embedding allows your status or anything you put in social media can be “lifted” on the content of your article.

5. Using a Good Look in the Eyes

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the next is to use a look or a nice template in the eye. 

Just imagine it like this, for example you visit a site that your friend said the site has very good content and very powerful, but after you visit the site you even feel the site is not good to “occupied”, well it turns out that make that unpleasant Is on the display or template. 

Usually people who realize like maybe people who tend to use the right brain. Because the author’s knowledge of the designers using the right brain to work.

6. Promotion

How to Increase Blog Visitors Without SEO the sixth is to make a promotion. Promotion is a touch that may require caution, because if you are promoting in the wrong place, maybe your efforts will be in vain, or maybe you are in bully. 

Promotion can be done in various ways, here’s how:

  • Promotion in social media (using the advertising features provided on the social media),
  • Hiring ad slots on famous websites,
  • Broadcast in groups,
  • Talk face-to-face,
  • and others

Well let’s discuss one by one. 

A. Social Media

Promotion in Social Media Now it’s possible that readers already know that there are some social media that release features for its users, especially businessmen who want to make the business is growing, that is by working with social media using the terms and conditions that apply to social media The. 

But remember, read carefully the payment system or advertising system yes, do not let Exit of the rules of the Shari’a. 

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B. Hire Ad Slots

Perhaps the readers once visited a site that does look very many visitors, not only that, every day there is a lot of active discussion on the website, This certainly indicates that the website owner is very productive in developing the website. 

Well maybe also the owner of the website provides an opportunity for business owners to work with him through the rental of advertising slots that have been provided by the website owner. 

Usually the admin tau, rental system is per month. So the business owner will provide a banner with a certain size that will be installed on the website, and the owner of the website will set the price per month. 

C. Broadcast in Groups The next

Way is to broadcast. The purpose of the boardcast here is to make notifications to your friends in social media groups or others, For example your company is currently doing a massive campaign, then you can directly broadcast in groups. 

D. Talk Face-to-Face

This one may not be very effective but you may also need to try it. Well for example your company is doing a massive campaign, then you can try to do a promotion to your friends, for example fit home run you meet your friend, then you can directly greet and tell that your company is currently doing a big promotion Budget.

7. Trust

The last is with trust. After you do all the work above, then the next is trust. We surrender ourselves to God, if indeed our project is successful then say thanks to God and always increase the worship. But if the project fails, then also thank God and always increase the worship as well as do not despair! 

So this article I submit, may be useful, if there are wrong words that may hurt the readers, then I apologize.


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