How to Increase Comments on Your Blog Posts : Useful And Easy Method

One of the most powerful features of any blog is the ability to interact with your readers using the comments system. Readers can leave a comment on your posts and you can reply to them, establishing a relationship that can lead to more long-term readers.

Increase Comment

Here’s how you can attract people to leave comments on your blog Posts:

  1. Interact with your readers – When readers leave comments on your posts, make sure you reply back and ask questions to continue a discussion that your readers started.
  2. Ask questions at the end of your posts – This will enable your readers to start a discussion that could end up involving many other readers.
  3. Make it easy for readers to comment – Do make sure that your comments section is set up such that readers don’t have to go through a long process to register. This sometimes deters readers from commenting.

Use WordPress plugin : Allowing Readers to Subscribe to Comments on Blog Posts

One good way of building readership is by using the “Subscribe to CommentsWordPress plugin. Upload this plugin and activate it in your WordPress dashboard.

How to Increase Comments on Your Blog Posts : Useful And Easy MethodHow to Increase Comments on Your Blog Posts : Useful And Easy MethodSEMrush

This plugin adds a small box right below your comments section, where your blog visitors can choose to be notified by email when there is another comment on the same post. This means that they are interested to find out what comments other people leave on your blog.

Sometimes, by using this small enhancement, you can get over 50 comments from just a couple of people, who debate about an issue with or without your replies.

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