How To Get Outstanding Article $ Why We Use Keyword Suggestion Tools

There are 4 phase on article marketing for getting  outstanding article and 7 reason why we use keyword suggestion tools.

  • The 1st phase is analysis phase.
  • The 2nd phase is optimization phase.
  • The 3rd phase is marketing phase.
  • The 4h phase is conversion phase.

How To Get Outstanding Article $ Why We use Keyword Suggestion Tools

Analysis Phase
You have to start analyst what the niche and hot topics that people have not discover and a huge readership in that topics.

Step 1:
Find what the keyword that most people search on the search engine. The more people search that’s mean it was a currently hot things that people searching for. But, because of the competitiveness of the number of website are using the same keyword on their article.

To attract people to read your article could be not easy. Because reader may think that the articles will be almost the same, if your headline or title doesn’t make any different compare to others.

Step 2:
Find A Niche Topic. For example when you find the keyword call “teak furniture”, go to some of the article in ezine or article directory read what people have not discover the topics.

There are several to discover the new niche topics target on different readership.
1. Beginners have no ideas about “teak furniture” – this people need some knowledge
2. People who ready to buy furniture but looking for something better – this people looking for advice.
3. People who already have one but may want to know how to take care of it – this people looking for how to or solution.
4. People who furniture need to refurbish – this people also looking for how to and where to get someone to help them.
5. People who have use it may want to share their experience to others

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Optimization Phase

Step 3:
Once you get few keyword that have the readership that you want. Use the keyword in your article title/headline, article summary and article content.

Step 4:
Deliver your article with your objective. Objective don’t deliver result, only benefits will do. If your objective of the article is want to drive traffic to your site, get more subscribers or get establish yourself.

That’s doesn’t bring any benefits to the reader, they will not interested to read on. Only from your objective to bring out the benefits that will attract their attention on you.

Marketing Phase

Step 5:
By putting the keyword on the headlines is not enough. You should always make sure your articles that drive the benefits. Reader want to get something from the article (read Step 2). This is the most direct strategy that will help you rather than you put some powerful marketing word. The best marketing word is the benefits.

How To Get Outstanding Article $ Why We Use Keyword Suggestion ToolsHow To Get Outstanding Article $ Why We Use Keyword Suggestion ToolsSEMrush

Step 6:
Hire A Ghost Writer. Many people asking a ghost writer to write something about his website. This not only wasting your time and money it may not drive you an effective result. Prepare in a point form and ask your writer to write it accordingly with benefits driven. Anyone can be your ghost writer. By targeted different readership you have to write different article as below.
Target to professional – ask a professional like interior design on your furniture, find a doctor or practitioner talk about your health products, etc.
Target on Emotional buyer – ask someone who have use the products and write out his testimonial, feeling after using the products, etc.
Target on niche buyer – the looking for opinion, ask your friends and family to give some opinion about the products. What is their point of view, disadvantage and advantage, and benefits or even critic on the products and services will do.

Conversion Rate Phase.

Step 7:
Submit your article ezines, article directory in your blog and so on. With your webalizer provided by your webhosting, now track where your visitor came from with higher click through. In the future, in experience you will know what people like to read what type of presentation. The presentation of the article will help you to build many different topic in that feel.
Because this involve on some experience and feeling. You have to test it and test it until success.

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7 reason why we use keyword suggestion tools.

Keyword optimization have took away more my time. I prefer analyst a good keyword before start any online marketing or even start a website. It become very convenient we can find many keyword tools in the market today. But I will just focus on google keyword suggestion tools.

  1. When we want to look for a less competitive keyword for top search engine ranking. You may use the keyword in your web content, meta tag or name a domain.
  2. When we want to find an ideas to write a article or content based on a topics or keyword that have a readership.
  3. When we want to get high paying keyword on our adsense. So we get higher pay check from Google.
  4. When we want to advertise in pay per click advertisement like Google Adword. We looking for high traffics keyword, with less pay per click cost.
  5. When we want to get a better page rank. We get a link back with a certain keyword we choose and use to be at the top of other competitors.
  6. Creating a landing page. Where you can attract visitor on that particular topics.
  7. Use the keyword list in your ebay store. So, the same list that helps your ebay store get listed in not only google search engine, it also helps ebay visitors easily found your store in possible keywords visitor will try to find.

Google have offer : Google Keyword Planner Tool

The tools is very useful for you to check for 4 type status of your keyword. You can use google keyword suggestion tools to check the keyword search volume, cost and ad position estimates, search volume trends of the keyword and possible negative keywords.

You can add all the keyword you wish to check in the list. After google keyword suggestion tools will list down the whole list of the keyword you check. You can add the keyword you want to use into a separate list or use all the keyword. Where you can download the list in 3 format. The 3 format is csv, csv for excel and text.

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Where we use for the list of keywords?  Google are very smart. They have provide you a button that will forward you to their adwords to advertise site. This give us a convenient to add the keywords list we wish to advertise in their ppc adwords.

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