How to get freelance jobs online : follow our advice

Every day there are more options to get freelance work online. If you are looking to expand your sources of income, we recommend you read the following list well.

How to get freelance jobs online

Publishes freelance micro-services in Fiverr. is the largest micro services site on the Internet. It has a lot of supply and demand for employment. Everything works through Gigs.

A Gig, is not more than a service offer published by a company or a freelancer. All Gigs start at $ 5, but as you sell Gigs and level up on the platform you can add extras to collect more money.

For example: 
For 5 dollars I install a professional WordPress temple. 
For 5 extra dollars I optimize it for SEO. 
For an extra $ 10 I’ll give you the order in just one day.

Enroll in upwork and compete for freelance work projects.

One of the best websites to get a freelance job is . There people and companies publish thousands of offers of freelance jobs per week.

As a freelancer you can be invited to participate directly by the creator of the project, or you can search for jobs by categories or keywords and send a quote.

One great thing about upwork is that you can upload your entire portfolio for companies to see. It also has a scoring system and recommendations, so if you do a good job every time you are invited to participate in more contests.

Create your Facebook page to attract more customers.

You can create a Facebook page as a public figure, for example: “Den24 – Video Marketer“.

Once you have posted several things on the page, such as your portfolio or links to your projects, you can start getting fans, inviting your friends, your email contacts or even hiring a little advertising.

Afterwards, you should only keep your page updated, regularly publishing success stories and new projects in which you have participated. From time to time you can create a publication about your availability.

Launch a blog and receive more freelance job offers.

One of the best ways to get to know you is to create a blog, and you can use it as a source to get more and better freelance work.

First, you have to create a blog about what you do in your work. Then publish frequently successful cases, projects in which you have participated and updates to your portfolio.

It also helps you publish articles on topics that interest the type of client you are looking for.

Remember to add a page so that you can be hired for projects and to request a quote or ask a question. What you have to make clear is that you are offering your services in exchange for fees.

Sign up at online micro-services site.

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Sign up at micro-services site, where you can post jobs or tasks that you perform and indicate how much you charge for it.

For example: 
For $10, I set up your WordPress blog with a professional template. 
For $5,  I write an article for your blog. 
For $7, I design the logo for your company.

Post an offer in the Olx services directory

Olx is a classified site of all kinds, and you can also post job ads there.

How to get freelance jobs online : follow our adviceHow to get freelance jobs online : follow our adviceSEMrush

All kinds of freelance workers are announced: translators, designers, software developers, editors, style editors, etc.

Join Facebook groups where freelance job offers are published.

You can search on Facebook groups about your branch or business and join to participate in the community. Often in these groups you can get to publish job offers, especially in the field of freelance work.

It may take you a few hours to find good groups, since on Facebook there are many, but many groups. In what you have to fix is ​​in the number of members, the higher, the better.

Participate in Internet forums, from there you can leave some proposals.

Another good way to get freelance work is to become known in the Internet forums. You can achieve this by answering the doubts of other people who have on the issues related to what you do.

You can also post interesting articles or solutions to common problems to gain visibility. This is an excellent way to let you know and demonstrate your knowledge.

Register in directories of freelance services, they are a good source of employment.

On the Internet there are hundreds of service directories where you can advertise as a freelance worker. You just have to find the directories that are relevant to your topic.

You can search Google for example “Directory of freelance copywriters” or “Directory of freelance graphic designers“, or whatever your business is about.

Post articles as a guest on popular blogs related to your field.

An excellent way to get to know among people who may need your services and thus land some other freelance work, is to publish as a guest in reputable blogs.

In general, blog authors are always looking for quality material and articles to publish, just contact them and offer them an interesting article.

They will give you the credit in return and also offer their readers some way to contact you.

Become a Freelance and follow our advice

Become a Freelance and follow our advice

You manage

You, and only you have full control over the management of your time and the resources used in each project. You also decide which tools to use.

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Work areas

You choose the work areas that you are going to use and can expand or reduce according to your needs at any time and according to the clients you have.

Your own boss

You are your own boss. This is a great advantage if your management at work is good, if not, it is best that you work for others.

Accept your projects

You will accept and carry out only the projects that interest you and you can take as many as you can and want to do.

Responsive design

The Responsive Design is the best solution for the design suitable for all devices. Nobody will accept another type of web design anymore.

The price you make

The price of your work marks you only. That way you will adapt to a market always in movement and transformation.

We hope these tips are useful for you. If you liked or think that they can serve someone else, share them on your social networks and we will be eternally grateful to you =)

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