How To Create Facebook Fan Page or Business Page For Your Online Business?

As we know, Facebook is a huge social media platform, here millions of people visit daily. At present, you will have to use the social media platform to promote your business, this will create a new identity for your business.This article is related to facebook business page topic.
Facebook Business Page is a popular service of Facebook.In this article I am going to show how to create a facebook business page ?, How to promote your business online ?, why you create a Facebook business page ? I am trying to cover whole information about facebook business page in this article.

Facebook Business Page

Why Facebook Page useful for business?
Facebook is a very popular social networking website.Daily 1 billion visitors visit here, if you create a Facebook fan page here, then this platform send lots of customers, readers and customers directly to you. If you have the skills to convert these people into customers through social media skills, then this make a separate brand of your business. Nowadays, many companies use this platform, if you are not part of this website then you should use it without losing time and use the services provided by this platform.

Step by Step Guide: How to create a Facebook business page or fan page?
Facebook business pages help you to create brand value, send messages to fans of blogs or website, in social media marketing and take your business to the next level.

For this, if you do not have your Facebook account, you should first create a Facebook account. This process is a very easy process. Click here to create account on Facebook

Facebook Signup

In this page you will find your name, Mobile no., an email address, password, birthday date and choose female / male option and click on create Account to create a Facebook account. After this, when your account is created, then enter your email address or mobile no. and enter the password for login. On login, your account will show according to the picture given below.

How To Create Facebook Fan Page or Business Page For Your Online Business?How To Create Facebook Fan Page or Business Page For Your Online Business?SEMrush

Create Facebook Business Page

Then click on left site page option create a Facebook page. after Clicking here a new page will be open in a new window in front of you. In this you have to choose the category according to your business.

Select Business Type

For example, if I want to create a page for my blog or website then I will have to select the option of Brand and Product category and later I will select the website from the drop-down menu and enter the title name of  website and after that click on Get Started.

How to edit Facebook fan page?
When your facebook fan page or business page created then it is necessary to change the cover photo, logo, description of this page so that your viewers can get business page details.
How to SEO of Facebook fan page?
To set up your facebook page’s SEO, first login to facebook account and go to facebook page and click on More option and click on Edit page info. After clicking, a new pop-up window will be open which has to fill the name, description and category of your page.

SEO Setting

In this article, I am not going to give full information about SEO for Facebook fan page optimization, because I will write a new post  separately on SEO. but you should do SEO so that your page for come in Google search. For this, the “About” section of your fan page should be written carefully so that your fan page can rank in google.

This post should tell you how to get it through the comment box and share this post on your social media, Google+ and if you have any  problems related to the post, Improvement or any suggestions you have, then please tell it in the Comment Box.

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