How To Choose Email Marketing Software For Your Website Or Blog

Email Marketing is very important for your online business.Email marketing is a form of marketing that use email as the basis of communication with the customers,who have opted to receive those email.In this case email marketing companies use double opt-in method that needs the user to click a link send to their email address to confirm their email address and give their consent to receive these emails.

Any commercial email sent to the others without their consent is considered spam and that is a punishable offence according to the law in most part of the world.

How To Choose Email Marketing Software For Your Website Or Blog

Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Service?

There are many reasons to use email marketing services for your online business.

1.Customer Retention

Not every visitor to your site is going to buy something right away.It’s better to give them the option to subscribe to your newsletters.So that you can offer them your products or services latter.May be they buy those next time.

2.Cost Effectiveness

If you have little bit of idea about internet marketing then you know how hard it is to get traffic.Buying traffic from the Pay Per Click search engines marketing and most of the other advertising methods are very costly.Compared to those methods email marketing if much cheaper option.

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3.Customer Loyalty

Email marketing help in building loyal customers for your online business.If your services or products are good and you provide some quality stuff to your subscribers then you can retain them for years.And they are most likely to buy things from you again and again.Also loyal customers helps in spreading your brand name via word of mouth marketing.

4.Relationship Marketing

Email marketing is also a great form of relationship marketing.You do not try to sell every time to your subscribers.But also offer some quality stuffs like freebies,great deals,discounts and more.And also send good wishes in important occasions.This helps building relations with your subscribers.

With any other form of online marketing you do not have these kinds of facilities.

Does Your Online Business Need An Email Marketing Service Right Now?

Now the question is even though the email marketing method offers so much of benefits to the business owners,it is important to know whether your business is ready to harness the power of email marketing or not.The success will depend on many things-

1.What type of traffic you’re getting?

If the traffic you’re getting only looking for free information or freebies then you may not going to get much benefit from the email marketing.They are not the people who are going to touch their wallet for your products or services.

2.Type of Business?

The type of your online business is very important.Whether it is an e-commerce website,or blog or affiliate website,or you’re offering your own products and services.The niche of your business is also very important.Certain niches just do not have enough hungry buyers,so you’re not going to make much out of those niches.So there is no point in investing in email marketing in those niches.

3.Your expertise?

If you’re not someone who know the art of email marketing very well then you’re not going to get much benefits.Email marketing is just not about blasting your products, services or affiliate links to your subscribers’ inbox.But,it’s about building trust among your subscribers and providing them some quality stuffs.

How To Choose Email Marketing Software For Your Website Or BlogHow To Choose Email Marketing Software For Your Website Or BlogSEMrush

Success or effectiveness of email marketing campaign will depend heavily on these things.

How To Choose An Email Marketing Service For Your Website Or Blog?

The email marketing service you choose must have certain features that will make it stand out and help you maximizing the benefits of your campaign-

Double Opt-in:

It’s a must have for any email marketing service these days.Almost all the services provide this option.

Multiple Lists:

Ability to create multiple lists in one plan is very important in terms of email marketing campaign.For example you can build one list for your ‘weight loss site’ and another list for your ‘personality development blog’.

Subscriber Segmentation:

Creating segments of subscribers based on many criteria like geolocation,email activity (opens and clicks) and many more.


Top companies have highest deliverability rate in the industry.


Lets automatically send a sequence of messages to new subscribers.

HTML Email Templates:

Having only text email templates are not enough.Some subscribers may prefer HTML format.

Email Analytics:

Tracking performances are very important for you campaign.

Inbox Preview:

This lets you see how your emails may look in different emails platforms.Since your subscribers may use different email services.

Social Media Integration:

Adding social media share buttons in your email multiply your audience automatically.

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Spam Checking:

It automatically checks whether your message can pass the spam filter of most of the email service providers.

Split Testing:

Automatic split testing tools can tell you which version of your message can give you he best results in terms of conversion.

Form Builder:

It has to offer a drag and drop form builder.And must offer many sign up form templates.

RSS To Email:

This feature automatically create emails from your newest blog posts.

There are many more features professional services may offer.Obviously the more feature you get the better.

Recommended Email Marketing Services-

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