How To Build Customer Loyalty By Asking A Few Key Questions

Many customers will not even bother to tell you that they are not satisfied with your services. They will simply stop hiring you.

How to build customer loyalty by asking a few key questions

This silent flight is one of the worst situations for a professional: the client leaves and you do not know why. That means that you do not have the necessary information to correct the mistakes made, and therefore it is very easy for you to commit them again in future projects.

Fortunately, there is a simple method to deal with this situation: ask your client.

You do not have to design a very complex survey. A simple questionnaire with basic questions can be more than enough to detect what works and what is failing in your projects and your relationship with customers.

The importance of asking

You already know that a satisfied customer is a treasure: besides trusting you to carry out your projects, he will speak well of you to his friends and acquaintances.

The questions to your client can be used to:

– Know what your strengths are

– Know your weak points

– Detect opportunities for improvement in your method of work

– Make your client see that you care about him

– Reinforce communication

– Obtain additional information

– Get in touch with other customers

– Generate useful information from the point of view of marketing: testimonies, etc.

And a long etcetera

How to ask

You can enter the questions in the conversations that take place every day with the clients, in the daily management of the projects.

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At the beginning you can ask how they have contacted you, during the course of the work you can ask control questions to check that everything is going well, and at the end you have a good opportunity to ask the client if he is satisfied, so that he explains what he has seen. and bad, and even to tell you about other potential customers.

If you want to ask the questions in a more structured way, you can use a small questionnaire. In Freelance Folder we propose three very simple systems:

Oral. You can pose specific questions to your client in person or by phone. If you have few clients, you can talk to all of them. If you have many, a representative sample may be sufficient.

Explain what your goal is and ask for permission first. The last thing you want is to bother your client. The most normal thing is that you do not object.

The advantage of the oral questionnaire is that it is much more direct, and it allows you to obtain information from clients who would not bother filling out a document.

By email. You can send the questionnaire by email. The advantage of this method is that you leave the client full freedom to answer: if he wants to, if he does not want to, he will not say anything. And that is the main disadvantage of this method: many customers will not bother filling out any document.

How To Build Customer Loyalty By Asking A Few Key QuestionsHow To Build Customer Loyalty By Asking A Few Key QuestionsSEMrush

Anonymous. There are many online tools that allow you to make small surveys through your blog or your website. The advantage of this method is that some customers will respond more freely, and may pour out opinions that they would otherwise not express. The disadvantage is that the information is much more generic, since it is not associated with any specific client.

What to ask

And we come to one of the key points: what is there to ask?

These are some of the questions that will allow you to extract useful information:

1. How did you know about our company?

2. Was it easy to contact us?

3. Do you consider that the work done is professional?

4. Was the project completed within the expected time frame?

5. Were your initial expectations met?

6. Do you think the price conforms to market standards?

7. Do you think communication has been good?

8. What is your favorite thing about working with us?

9. Do you have any suggestions to improve the service?

10. Would you hire us again?

11. Can we use a statement of yours – a testimonial – on our website?

12. Do you want to be on our mailing list / RSS of our blog?

13. What other products and services would you like us to offer?

14. Do you know anyone who may be interested in our services?

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Use the results

One of the most common mistakes that organizations make is to save the data obtained in a drawer, especially if there are negative results.

Obviously, this does not make sense. If you ask is to know. And if there is any negative data, that is where you have to act to correct it.

So the process should follow, more or less, the following steps:

– Collect information

-Analyze it to detect what is working well and what does not work

– Keep your effort in those areas that satisfy the client

– Design and execute an improvement plan for those areas that receive negative responses

– Take into account the proposals and suggestions made by the client.

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