How To Use Google Adwords Tool For Keyword Research : Step By Step Guide

I have seen that a lot of Bloggers are interested in Keyword Research Guide. It is the best way to get targeted traffic in small time with less efforts. When it comes to Keyword Researching.

There are 3 Type of Bloggers :-
1. Who don’t know about Keyword Research.
2. Who have knowledge of that term but never made use of it.
3. Who doesn’t only knows it but also makes enough bucks by implementing it.

Google Adwords Tools & Keyword Research

Well , I am the 2nd one. At that time I am not using keyword research before publishing articles but I will surely use it in upcoming days when I would get enough money to invest in buying Exact Matching domains and some keyword analyzing tools. I write what I like and what I think my blog readers will love to read. Gaining loyal readership is my target and always will be.

But as I already said once I got some money I will use keyword research formula on my other domains. Don’t worry , Techno updates will remain readership targeted blog lifetime :).

What is the Keyword Research ?

As name indicates , its the process to find a keyword which peoples are searching in major search engines. Its not only about getting visitors but getting the right/targeted visitors. It doesn’t only helps to get traffic but also to know about the web searches and marketing conditions. Definition of Keyword Research According to SEOmoz :

“It all begins with words typed into a search box. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your website.”

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Understanding the Keyword Research Process

Mainly the Keyword Research Process consist following steps :

1. Searching the keyword related to your idea.
2. Finding the Local/Global Monthly Searches of that keyword.
3. Analyzing the competition for that keyword. Means you have to analyze , currently which webpage is ranking on top for this keyword and how much big giant it is ?
4. SEO Analysis is the last but the most important factor which shows that you should go with that keyword or not. Once you analyzed that how many webpages are indexed for that keyword the next task is to analyze the quality/SEO of that webpage.

Guide to the Keyword Research Using Google Adwords Tool

Once you learned about the process and how it works, Then we will talk about tips to find the better keywords & How to find valuable keywords. SO lets start :

1. First Resister at Google Adwords. You can use your Gmail Account to directly login there.
2. Login to your adwords account. Now navigate to : Find new keywords.

3. Next step is to enter keyword you want to analyze traffic / search data for. Following Screenshot will give you a better idea :-

keyword research tool


4. According to Screenshot, Select the Location, language, device and click search. Now it will show the related keyword ideas. Results can be sorted as per Global Monthly searches,Keyword competition, local monthly searches and the Cost per click ( CPC ) for that particular keyword.

How to Analyze Competition for Keyword ?

You have learned how to find the keyword but how to know that you can rank for this keyword or not ? There are two methods to analyze the competition.
1. Using Google ( Manually ).
2. Using a third party keyword analyzing software like SEMrush, Long tail pro,Traffic travis etc.

Software does everything automatically , it will show you the page rank of the domains which are ranking top for that keyword,backlinks to them and total pages indexed for keyword. So I don’t think there is any need to describe the process of using a keyword analysis software. We will discuss the best and free way to do so – The Manual Method of Keyword Research.

Using Google to find keyword competition

1. First choose the keyword of your choice from Adwords tool Results. Always go with low competition and high searched keywords.
2. Now open ( For Global Searches Analysis ) or open the country specific domain of Google for local searches analysis like , etc.

3. Enter you keyword and search. Make sure to put the keyword in the Quotes like example  : “How to do research”

Keyword analysis First


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4. Now its time to see how much competitors you have for that keyword. Simply add “&start=990” without quotes in the last of your Google search URL and press “enter“.  By doing so you can figure that how many URLs Google has indexed for this keyword. See following screenshot :

Keyword analysis

How To Use Google Adwords Tool For Keyword Research : Step By Step GuideHow To Use Google Adwords Tool For Keyword Research : Step By Step GuideSEMrush


5. Now its time to see how many of your competitors have done On Page SEO. In Google search bar add this code intitle:”keyword”

Adding the “intitle:”keyword” will show you the URLs which have that keyword in article title.  For example I searched “intitle:”how to do research”

Keyword analysisYou can see there are 5880 Results for that query. Anything below 7-8K is good and you can easily rank for it.


6. URL structure and keyword used in URL is also a great ON Page SEO Factor. Now we will find that how many articles have that keyword in their URLs.
Adding the “inurl:”keyword” will show you the web pages which have that keyword in the URL of article. In the screenshot I have searched the combination of both “inurl:”keyword” and “intitle:”keyword” . Doing this will help to find the web pages which have done the proper On Page SEO for that keyword.

Keyword analysis


7. Now the real process starts. You have to measure the power of Top URLs that are ranking for your keyword like Page Rank, Back Links and age. Following screenshot shows the incredibility of SEMrush :- Keyword SEO Competition Analysis

Semrush Tool

So now you have learned that how to do Keyword research. Ok , Lets have view on related facts and tips :-

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Keyword researching : Tips to select the keyword

1. Searching the keyword : If you are already having a blog/website and searching a keyword to get traffic, Then make sure your keyword term must be related to the topics you have already covered on your blog. If you are planning to buy an exact matching domain for that keyword then everything is fine here. Make use of long tail keywords while finding the keywords. Recent researches from SEOmoz has shown that ranking a long tail keyword is easy and it converts a lot of traffic too.

2. Selecting the Location : If you want to target the traffic from a specific country then make sure that “particular country ” is selected inside Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If you are willing to make a niche website for any affiliate product then its vital to get the traffic from some major countries like U.S , U.K etc. IF you want to earn from Adsense , also then go with these countries traffic.

3. Keyword Difficulty : It the most important factor of keyword research. Suppose you found a keyword which have nearly 20K monthly searches from U.S. But your competitors are big giants which are ruling on SERP from the years. Then it will take years to get ranked for that keyword. Better will be to go with a keyword which have 2K Local Monthly Searches.

So keyword difficulty matters a lot. Tools like Traffic Travis, SEOmoz Tool helps a lot to monitor your competitors and getting all reports regarding their rankings, SERP positions etc. For Keyword Competition Analyzing I use SEMrush. Its the #1 Software in class that thousands of webmaster use. You can get SEMrush From the this Link : SEMrush

Got Less Competitive Keyword with good monthly searches , Next ?

So you have found a keyword which is having good amount of searches and competitors for that keyword are less powerful. So now it comes how to rank for that keyword ? Following Tips will surely help you :

1. Selecting the domain : If keyword is having more then 3K Local monthly searches ( UK/US ) then go with an exact matching domain ( EMD ). As name indicates , a domain which contains the exact keyword in URL you want to rank is called Exact Matching Domain. For example : seomoz-pro-tool-review. com will be an EMD for keyword ” SEOmoz Pro Tool Review”. If the number of searches is less then you can use your already running website for that keyword. Alternately you can use or tumblr for EMD purpose.

2. On Page SEO : That’s the key to success for ranking in search engines. If you bought an EMD then write at least 5 articles there regarding your keyword. Every article should have 300+ Words with some graphics or media. If you want to rank for this keyword using your already running website then make an 1000+ Words article using On Page SEO practices.

3. Backlinks : You don’t need to write Guest posts or forum posting to rank a less competitive keyword. Focus on Blog commenting and social bookmarking  in bulk. Make use of comment luv blogs which have Keyword Luv option enabled.

4. Anchor Text Variation : That’s the most important factor which will help you to rank for any keyword according to new Algorithms. Never make much backlinks with same anchor text. Its not only about Keyword Research but even if you are making links for your regular article then make sure to have a variation in Anchor Text of your keyword.
Example :- ” Supposed you choose to write an article on topic ‘ Facebook changed Subscribers to Followers ‘ and you want to make backlinks for it. So don’t only concentrate on the whole Title. Make backlinks with following anchor texts :
Facebook Subscribers , Facebook Followers, Subscribers to Followers, Facebook changed  Subscribers to Followers ”
Have a view on post penguin anchor text case study by SEOmoz.

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Final Words about Keyword Research

Keyword research is the best technique to get quick and targeted traffic. But its not as much easy as you think. Success in Keyword Research takes a lot of time and some investment too. I won’t recommend to start your Blogging with keyword research idea ( Specially in Blogging/SEO Tips Niche ).

But once you started to earn enough from your blog and going to take Blogging seriously then Keyword Research is for you. However these are words based on my experience and what I think. I would like to hear about your experience with Keyword Research and what you think about it.

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