How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website? : [Latest The Ultimate Guide]

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses one can get into today, but how to create an Amazon affiliate marketing website? Amazon, being the world leader in e-tailing, has several profitable affiliate programs on offer. All you need to do is to have your website up and running, and the money keeps pouring in. Of course, you’ll need to build a niche site and ensure that it is built, scaled and flipped using the latest winning strategies.

What’s Meant By An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website?
To put it rather simply, the site is meant to earn money solely from Amazon programs through affiliate ad links and banners that will be displayed on the parent site (read Amazon) on your behalf. The website will be earning all its revenues only through Amazon affiliate marketing programs and promotions.
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website

There are several popular sites like BESTREVIEWS, which is a great example of an Amazon affiliate marketing website. Search for any product, like for example, “best ceiling fans” and the results thrown up may include leading brands like Fanimation, Hunter, Westinghouse, Minka Aire, and Emerson.

However, the common factor for all would be that they are sold on Amazon, which figures first on the list, followed by Walmart and eBay. In other words, the Amazon affiliate gets to piggyback on Amazon, which gives him amazing coverage and reach.Similarly, there’s also TheWireCutter which is another Amazon affiliate marketing  website where you can find a range of products.

One example is cheap headphones starting from inexpensive earbuds to the most sophisticated and expensive noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets, all sold through Amazon (you may find some being sold through TechRabbit or Puro Sound as well), but it is primarily an Amazon affiliate marketing website.

While these two are examples of some successful sites with a huge reach and amazing revenues, there are millions of other sites that focus on niche products. Like it may be a site selling vacuum cleaners or another that sells washing machines etc. If you have the wherewithal, you can build a bigger site and include lawn mowers, pressure steam cleaners, and many more products, which will certainly generate fantastic revenues, just because the site is an Amazon affiliate.

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If you’ve already zeroed in on the products, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to build your site and have it up and running. However, that would be just halfway through, because the important thing is promoting the site and making sure the site gets good ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

You’ll need to optimize the landing page so that you get good conversions. Once you start getting solid conversions, you can think about scaling it further to reach out.

How To Find The Best Niche For Your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Site?

This is the crucial step that can make or break your site. Firstly, you need to understand the different types of niches:

  • The highly competitive niches include those that may have already reached a saturation point, but don’t ask “what’s the point then?” It could be a Smartphone niche or a laptop niche, and it’s not that they are not being sold; on the other hand, they are sold in millions. However, unless you have the required budget, you’ll just burn your fingers and lose heavily.
  • The moderately competitive niches are the ones that you may want to give a shot at, but not without herculean efforts and some solid investments as well. Popular moderately competitive niches include the ones selling washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, food processors.
  • The low competition niches are quite popular, with millions of users thronging the sites looking for bargains. However, this niche is as popular as the highly competitive niches and is ideal for beginners who would like to test their abilities at becoming an Amazon affiliate marketing website. One drawback with the low competition niche is that it has limitations in the product categories.

However, low competition niches do exist and are quietly making their money, thank heavens that the big players don’t care too much to give it a serious thought, at least until now. Even if some big players did notice this niche, they considered it too small for their likes, believing that it cannot generate large revenues. However, low competition niches do generate enough revenues for small players to do rather well for themselves.

Hence, the best bet for a beginner would be to start on a small scale with a low competition niche and scale up when fortunes favor. Just make sure that you look out for a few key properties before taking the plunge:

  • Is the ranking part of it going to be easy?
  • Even after managing to rank, do the revenues justify the investment?
  • Also, ensure that there is no dearth of categories and sub-categories to justify the existence of the site.
  • Moreover, you need to have some basic idea about the niche and create a burning passion to succeed. You cannot afford to start a business in a niche that you have only heard about, and know nothing about.
  • Do not go for a niche that has been hyped up too much already; it may already be saturated or just hot air.
  • Avoid niches that do roaring business in a particular season and remain dull the rest of the year. Examples are air conditioners and ceiling fans that sell faster during summer. This is a huge gamble where you may end up with losses

Get Some Good Product Ideas

Once you have settled on the niche you want to operate in, and are aware of the sort of competition it entails, you need to do your homework on product ideas. This should help you do a thorough analysis in the existing competition, which will finally tell you whether you should go for this business or not.

An easy way to do this is to browse the various categories on Amazon (you are going to become their affiliate anyway) so that you get a fair idea of what to select. You may want to use Amazon’s site directory, which will help you understand the niches better. You can skip the niches that don’t appeal to you and zero in on the ones that look promising before taking the plunge.

Create an Amazon Site

Do a bit of research to get more product ideas, and here are some pointers:

  • Look for products in the range of $50
  • Ensure that the products of customers ratings of above 3
  • Check if the products figure in the top 1,000 best-selling list of Amazon product categories
  • Check to see if there have been many searches for the particular products. Look for searches above 500 per product category, which means that there is great demand for the product

Browse through the site map of popular Amazon affiliate sites like TheWireCutter and BESTREVIEWS to get more ideas,

here are links to some popular product reviews on both:


Browsing the site maps of leading Amazon affiliate marketing websites will give you millions of niche ideas, which will be an inspiration for you to choose your nice ideas. Although they may have already listed some of the popular brands of routers and modems, you can go for competitive brands under the same niche and carve a niche site for yourself as an Amazon affiliate.

You can also browse sites that publish product reviews and comparisons on popular sites like SMERush or Viperchill, which will give you a whole lot of keyword ideas, and also the specific keywords or phrases that divert more traffic than the ones used commonly. 

You can narrow down your search with suggestions like keywords starting with “best reviews” or “most sought after” where the search results will be for a specific niche product reviews that give you precise reviews without having to go through thousands of reviews until you find what you are looking for.

Analysis Of A Niche To Establish The Level Of Competition

With the ideas, you get while browsing such review sites mentioned above, you can use the ideas to establish the keyword competitiveness by going to Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) where the specific query searched by a user is displayed on the page. These searches may be either organic, which is based on the search engine’s algorithm or sponsored one’s that are in other words paid advertisements.

The beauty is that the results are always ranked, and will have relevance to the specific query made. However, you will also need to spend some time to manually check out the first-page search results of such most used keywords of popular products, which can give you a more authentic and accurate overview. However, one drawback with this manual process is that it is very tedious and time-consuming.

There are some easy ways to locate the best keywords to rank on a search engine. A professional site like LongTailPro, as the name suggests, can help pull up the required data that includes specifics like search volumes for a month or quarter, the approximate cost per click (CPC), the first page search results of SERP for a particular niche keyword along with the Moz metrics or the predictions of the performance of a website on a search engine.

It also gives vital information like the age of the site, and also gives the keyword competitiveness score (KC) for every single page for that particular keyword, with the averages.

While KC is never considered a definitive metric, it is in most cases, a justifiable indication of the competitiveness of the keyword, giving you an idea whether you should use it or look for a more efficient and less competitive one. 

What you can do is import a set of keywords and check out their KC scores, filter the keywords and check the SERP analysis of keywords with a low or medium KC score, thus eliminating the keywords with very high KC scores. 

When keyword competitiveness is calculated accurately, you will be able to work out the difficulties you are going to face while trying to rank your niche keyword naturally.

Did you also know that it is possible to generate a lot of keywords from a few root keywords? It is then child’s play to filter the generated keywords to narrow down to the keywords with a minimum number of monthly searches.

SERP analysis and some first page characteristics and the best keywords to choose

  • There should be at least 2 to 3 sites with Domain Authority 25 ranking on the first page
  • There has to be a site that is less than one year old
  • Look for at least one site that is an Amazon affiliate marketing website, or one that uses such links
  • The Dofollow links should not number more than 10 (juice links)

While experts advise that it is best to avoid niche site keywords figuring on page 1, it makes sense to use keywords that other niche sites have used to crawl up to figure in the top three ranks already because there is nothing to stop you from achieving the same as an Amazon affiliate site.

There are, of course, a few niche sites that have already made it and are ranking rather well and figure in the top three in a particular niche. Although they lack domain authority and do not have any dofollow links, they are still managing to rank rather well. 

That is because they may have a trick or two up their sleeves like Private Blog Network (PBN) links that cannot be detected by link crawlers of search engines. Hence, tools like Ahrefs and Moz will not be able to crawl these backlinks.

It is not very surprising if you come across large revenue-earning

How to calculate the possible earnings of a niche Amazon affiliate marketing website?

There is a free web tool that can be used to calculate the potential earnings of an affiliate niche site of Amazon. The web tool is easy to use and give near accurate figures that give you some idea about the potential earnings. There is another Amazon affiliate that goes by the name Marketever, which has made it big as an Amazon affiliate and has some valuable tips for a beginner.

According to its founder Al-Amin Kabir, the potential to earn by becoming an Amazon affiliate site is not restricted to just $500 or $1,000 per month. There are niche sites that boast revenues of over $1 million. The trick, he says, is to keep publishing a lot of fresh content regularly.

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Choosing The Proper Domain Name

Choosing the appropriate domain name makes all the difference for an Amazon affiliate site because that is what is going to make the site identifiable with the target audience. While considering a domain name what needs to be considered is whether the domain name is brandable or rich in keywords while a name like can be considered really keyword intensive, it may not be brandable.

Not only does the name sound amateurish, but it might also attract the wrath of both Amazon and Google. Moreover, it is no longer considered the in thing to have a keyword as part of your domain name.

How To Pick The Correct Domain Name?

Domain name extensions like .org, .com, and .net instead of experimenting with the addition of new, unheard of extensions that may not only sound weird but may sound a bit untrustworthy as well to the common user.

Of the three domain extensions mentioned above, the most common and easily recognizable one is obviously .com, with which people connect almost immediately. Hence, it makes sense to look out for a suitable domain name with a .com extension and grab it immediately if available. The second choice can be .net. However, .org should be avoided at all costs as non-profits prefer it, and your commercial site can be mistaken for a non-profit organization and easily overlooked by many.

The Best Ways To Generate Domain Names

You can brainstorm with your team for generating some domain name ideas. However, even if a couple of brainstorming sessions do not yield any results try looking up NameMesh which will help you generate some great domain name ideas. One other such site you may want to look up is BustAName.

While NameMesh can generate a host of catchy domain names that will suit an upcoming brand, BustAName is also a great repertoire for some cool domain names. Of course, you could always let loose your imagination and think up some great domain names that would help create a good brand.

Domain Registrar

You’ll also need the services of a name registrar, and one great company is NameCheap, which has a collection of common, new, short, extra, similar, SEO, fun and mix suggestions that are quite exhaustive. What’s more is you get WHOISGuard free during the first year, with renewal coupons as cheap as ¢99 each. WHOISGuard is good when you own multiple niche sites as it makes it easy for SEO specialists to find one of your sites and get to the other sites through WHOISGuard.

Go For A Fast Web Host

You don’t want too many bounces just because your website is too slow and takes ages for pages to load. It can test the patience of users who will simply close the browser and start looking for alternatives. Take care to make sure that you choose one of the best web hosts. Most people who want to scrounge go for cheap hosts who don’t care too much about quality.

Just for the sake of saving a few dollars, you are going to regret ever choosing such a company. Not only does your site become painfully slow, but the support you get from such companies will also be very poor leaving you with a broken down website, and it can take forever to get the site up and going.

 Here are some good web hosting companies that are worth trying:
  • InMotion Hosting – Plus points include free domain, commendable performance, and good support
  • A2 Hosting – A very fast shared host, good uptime and fabulous support team
  • MDD Hosting – Good speed, great performance, transparency and great support

Rule out signing up with cheap web hosting companies as it does not make sense to economize in this area as it threatens the very existence of your site. Anyway, you are going to spend a tidy sum on content and promo campaigns, so why be miserly with web hosting,

which is too important to gamble with? A fast and reliable web host ensures a marked decrease in bounce rates and ensures good ranking on Google as the company prefers fast websites as is evident on its SERPs.

Which Is The Best Content Management System (CMS)?

The answer obviously is WordPress, simply because there is no other option that is as good regarding functionality and flexibility, more so when it comes to niche sites. WordPress makes it easy for you to set up your site. The task is rendered fast and seamless by WordPress.

Although WordPress started off in a rather small way, today it powers some of the best sites on the Internet. What’s amazing is that WordPress powers almost 25% of the websites all over the world, which is no mean achievement.

What’s more is setting up WordPress is not a very difficult task, and it shouldn’t take a moderately experienced person more that 20 to 30 minutes. However, the task does not stop with setting up the WordPress site as you need to optimize properly for speed.

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Optimum Speed?

Once you are done with the basics of setting up your niche site that is powered by WordPress, you’ll have to do the appropriate optimization tasks to create a fast network, upon which you are going to build the rest of your niche site. As WordPress is a well-coded site, you should use a fast theme or framework, ensuring that many unwanted features are avoided as they could hamper the performance of the site.

How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website? : [Latest The Ultimate Guide]How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website? : [Latest The Ultimate Guide]SEMrush

While on the job, ensure that you install a good caching plugin, say, something like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache which will tell you instantly that your site is loading really fast.

The caching features of such WordPress plugins include:

  • Page Cache
  • Object Cache
  • Browser Cache
  • Database Cache
  • CDN
  • Minify

However, don’t go about enabling all at one go. Maybe, save Minify, you can enable the rest, leaving out CDN initially.  Minify can break some JS based plugins unless it is tweaked not to. However, the Browser Cache settings need to be tweaked to get the full potential.

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Which Theme Should You Be Using?

While it is best to leave design choices to the individual as opinions and preferences vary, a few basic things need to be followed:

Responsive theme for amazon affiliate marketing website
  • Ensure that the theme can be optimized really fast, as a sluggish theme will take ages to load
  • Also, the theme has got to be compatible with the plugins you are using
  • The theme needs to be quite flexible to make it easy for various content formats as well as customization possibilities
  • The theme has to be conversion oriented, as the primary goal is to get more conversions. Unless the user feels the site is trustworthy, it is difficult to get conversions
  • With today’s generation being largely mobile users, responsive theme that is mobile friendly is a must. Amazon has more mobile users than people using a desktop.

If you want to have a slick-looking site, try Thrive Themes, which is the best bet for a niche site. This theme can be used in collaboration with Thrive Content Builder and will have a great effect on conversions that can bring good revenues for the business.

Here Are Some Great Plugins That You Can Check Out:
  • Yoast SEO, which can be used for SEO foundation and customization of meta description, title tag, and meta settings
  • Akismet helps fight comment spam that is rampant these days
  • EasyAzon Pro helps in adding Amazon affiliate links to any content; it has an amazing link-localization feature that detects the location of the users
  • Thrive Content Builder helps enhance conversion rates by designing the landing pages suitably
  • WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache This caching plugin ensure that your site loads very fast
  • Content Aware Sidebars The conversion rate is boosted as this plugin helps serve different sidebars and different landing pages
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget Helps create fixed sidebar widgets and banners that help get better click-through-rates to parent site Amazon
  • Autoptimize Helps minify JavaScript and CSS, thus increasing the speed of the site
  • EWWW Image Optimizer Helps optimize uploaded images and also helps make the size of the pages lighter
  • Contact Form 7 Helps display contact forms for receiving messages from users
  • TablePress Helps create comparison tables for various products and services
  • WordFence Security Helps secure the site against attacks by hackers

Template Pages

All niche sites need to have basic pages, as it is mandatory, the template’s pages include:

  • Contact
  • About
  • Privacy Policy (very important)
  • Amazon Affiliate & FTC Disclosures
  • Terms of Service

Setting up these templates gives the site a professional look and is appreciated by Google as a site that means business. Moreover, Privacy Policy and FTC disclosures help prevent your account from being banned.

The Site Building Process Need To Be Scaled Up A Bit

Now that the site has been set up finally, it needs to be scaled. As you are comparatively new to the Internet marketing line of business, try outsourcing the scaling part of the site to a professional who knows the business well. In addition to getting good value for your money, you’ll get to learn the effect that professional scaling has on an affiliate website.

Content Strategy Is Very Important For Niche Sites

Content still makes all the difference, and it plays a very vital role as it is the content that attracts the visitor and conveys the sort of site they have reached and how it is going to benefit them. The content should never be boring and monotonous; rather, it should be crisp and catchy, urging the user to hit the “buy now” button right away.

Types Of Content You Need To Be Publishing

While it is a great idea to be publishing product reviews and roundups, you need to do a lot more than that if you want to connect with the visitors and gain their trust.

If there is a page that has umpteen affiliate links it may not go down well with either Amazon or Google neither of the two giants seems to like pages that are congested with affiliate links, moreover you also run the risk of being pulled up and penalized by Google Panda and Amazon may even contemplate banning you if your pages contain more links than relevant content, so what type of content should your niche site carry? Here are some ideas:

  • Articles packed with information about the niche site is what the visitors would look for as they would have to look for the information elsewhere if not available here. Hence, the site should carry 1,000-word articles that have such information.
  • QA type of articles visitors always have plenty of questions, hence question – answer type of content is what they look for where they can find the right answers.
  • List Posts not only figure in searches in Google, but they also attract visitors who like phrases like top 5 ways to lose weight or 7 best ways to look leaner and fitter, etc
  • Product Reviews should contain 2,000-word articles that give complete details of the products with titles like “Best Pressure Cleaners that help keep your home spanking clean” etc.

Do A Bit Of Research For Content Ideas

Once you have got an idea about what type of content you need to publish on your niche site, you need to select suitable topics on which to write. This is probably the most important part of content strategy. The keywords need to be specific to your niche site that can get better ranking. Once you have these keywords and publish content that has some of these keywords inserted strategically, conversions are bound to happen.

Some Pointers For Researching Topics:

  • Always write content based on the keywords you have already researched
  • Try to get some inspiration from similar niche sites that already have a good ranking and figure on the first two pages. Research the keywords used by your competitor sites and get some ideas for your niche site
  • If you come across something that has already been used in a similar affiliate site, try to get some long-tail keywords using SEMRush, which helps you find the most profitable keywords in a jiffy.
  • Try Googling some terms related to your niche site, and you’ll get an idea as to the type of content ranking on the SERPs, which will help you get some great ideas
  • Try using Alltop which will help you find other top sites in the same niche, and also which type of content made them successful.

How Competitive Is Your Content?

You need to remember that your content will be jostling for space in the already crowded Internet market. You’ll need to choose the keywords carefully (the ones that are already ranking on Google) and use them only as long as they enjoy the rank.

If you come across some content that is popular and has good viewership (based on SERP) based on a particular topic, you should try creating your content that is not only catchier but a bit lengthier as well. The content should deal with the topic in-depth and be of excellent quality as well. The lengthier the content, the better the ranking. Even Google gives preference to lengthy pieces of content as it has turned out to be a major on-page SEO factor.

What should be the tone of the content?

When creating the content for niche sites never forget the actual purpose behind it. The product is probably already popular and is backed by a good manufacturer, and you are simply validating it to your customer. The visitors coming to your niche site probably would have already made their research on Google with appropriate keywords and have zeroed in on the product they intend to buy. 

All they need is a bit of coaxing and some solid validation from the affiliate niche site for them to make the final decision based on expert views and the niche site’s reviews.

Hence, the content should reflect these sentiments through the content published on the niche site. While you can be rather authoritative, you need to sound very friendly to convince the user about the authenticity and genuineness of the product. Being honest and upfront about the pros and cons helps win over customers, and this is a common trait found in almost all Amazon affiliate sites where pros and cons are listed boldly.

Moreover, while creating content for reviews and roundups of products one should conduct intense research and get the facts right. Also, ensure that the content you are presenting has a standard format which should roughly follow these important points:

  • Have an image to introduce the product, along with a comparison table justifying it.
  • Give a concise introduction about what is covered.
  • Have a list of products with descriptions for each product below the respective images
  • The highlights of the product and why the user should go for it (justification)
  • Give a brief conclusion and a verdict about the products with reasons for recommending them

Don’t forget to do the following as well:

  • Have links to authority sites that will be an authentication for the claims regarding the product along with supporting statistics
  • Avoid mentioning any prices below the product images. Even Amazon’s rating should not be mentioned as it is against the guidelines set by Amazon.
  • Try using Yoast SEO plugin for optimizing the page URL and title as well as Meta description so that key phrases can be targeted.
  • Make sure CTA buttons are large enough to be noticeable so that the click-through rate to Amazon is good.

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Should You Outsource Content Writing Or Do It Yourself

Delegating work to the appropriate specialists has been the winning corporate strategy for long. Although people with very small budgets cannot afford to outsource and would prefer to do the content writing part themselves, it makes more sense to outsource to reputed agencies or freelancers.

Content is still king, and it is vital for a niche site, hence ensuring that catchy content that has the targeted keywords is important for success. Whenever a new niche site is started, it requires not less than 15,000 to 20,000 words of well-researched content to start with. If you are planning to write all of this yourself, it is going to be not only time-consuming, but is also likely to drain you of your energy, which you will need for the various other things you need to do simultaneously.

Hence, set aside some funds that you can devote for the sake of quality content. The going rate is anywhere from $0.75 to $2 per 100 words, and if you can settle anywhere in between at around $1/100 words, which is not only affordable but guarantees quality content. There are several options available as far as content is concerned.

Points to remember while outsourcing content writing to freelancers or agencies

If you can locate the perfect freelancer, they are certainly preferable when compared to agencies, which can be frightfully expensive. Moreover, agencies also outsource to freelancers and collect their commission, which only jacks up the price further. As a startup niche site, you should be able to manage a couple of freelancers you can tie up with.

However, when you grow substantially and need to scale up accordingly, you’ll probably need content for a host of niche sites that you will ultimately own. It is rather difficult to keep track of what a bunch of freelancers is up to, hence signing up with professional agencies would make more sense at this stage.

Some professional agencies you may want to check out for good content include Keyboard Warriors who claim to be masters of authoritative content as well as Amazon product reviews, which should be a shot in the arm for you, being an Amazon affiliate yourself. Similarly, there is TextBoss who can deliver professional content, and undertake ghostwriting services as well as writing blogs and white papers.

While at it, don’t forget to check out Boston Hype as well, a premier writing agency that delivers brand content and also extends copywriting services that can help create a niche for yourself as an Amazon affiliate marketing website.

If you would rather prefer to go with a freelancer, you should realize that you are taking a chance, and there is bound to be some trial and error before you settle for the perfect freelancer. You need to look around for affordable writers who don’t charge a bomb, yet can deliver quality content.

Look up Up work, which was earlier known as Elance and O Desk, where you should be able to find quality writers who charge nominal rates. Look for the beginner or intermediate level writers who are affordable and also are capable of delivering quality content without missing out on the turnaround time. Before selecting a freelancer look for the following:

  • Request for published work samples or links to similar content they have written earlier.
  • Place a job posting on the Up work or any other agency you find on the Internet
  • Shortlist a few freelancers and select the ones you think are best
  • Look for the ratings and feedback the writers have already received.
  • Most of the freelancers have ratings published, along with their skill sets that you should investigate before signing up.
  • Hire one or two freelancers to start with. If you think a single writer can handle all the content, it is better to go with one person. If you are going to hire a bunch of writers, managing them will become a full-time activity.
  • Give enough leeway for the writer, because you need always to remember that you are dealing with a creative person, who may need a bit of extra time to complete a particular task. Pushing them unnecessarily can send out the wrong signals.
  • If you feel the writer is worth more than what he or she is being paid, you could always add a small bonus as a token of appreciation. Such gestures will create a lasting impression which will boost the enthusiasm and help create better content.
  • If you are lucky enough to find a writer who can write in various genres and niches, hold on to him or her tightly as such people are quite difficult to come by.

How to do on-page optimization of your site?

Now that the site is set up and the content is in position, you need to go about posting the content in the correct manner. You will also need to structure your site in such a way that on-page optimization is taken care of. Unless there is a proper on-page optimization, attaining the desired ranking will only remain a mirage.

While there are many types of structures that will suit a niche site, you will get a better idea by browsing some such sites in various industries.

Some believe in using a static homepage, targeting the biggest keywords or long-tail keywords that are specific to the product category. The static homepage can also have heavy content containing a menu and sidebar, with links to some internal pages that contain secondary keywords.

There are yet others who do not believe in a static homepage, and the homepage may not have any keywords at all. However, the homepage is an indicator of what lies within, and the keywords are scattered in the other pages that the visitor is bound to visit.

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More tips for on-page optimization

While going about with on-page optimization do remember the following:

  • The keyword density should not exceed 2%, and the focus keyword needs to be used once or twice
  • The content should pass the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease test, with scores above 70%, which means that the content can be understood by many.
  • The page should have some nofollow links and some normal outbound links as well
  • The meta description should feature the focus keyword
  • Meta description should be appealing and catchy
  • The focus keyword needs to appear in the title and the first paragraph
  • The content should contain the minimum prescribed number of words (300), preferably more than 2,000 words
  • Try using a focus keyword that you haven’t used as yet
  • The target keyword (long-tail) needs to be used in the title, meta description, and page URL as well
  • Also, the target keyword needs to be scattered evenly throughout the content
  • The page title and the meta description should not exceed the prescribed limit of characters
  • Have some outbound links to government or educational sites if the content happens to touch on related statistics. This has a positive effect with Google.

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