40 Ways To Get Traffic To A Website Or Blog : Free Technique

40 Ways To Get Traffic To A Website Or Blog : Free Technique

Getting traffic to the new site is the  most challenging task for any webmaster.It takes lot of efforts to start getting consistent traffic.There are many ways you can adopt for that.In this post I’m going to discuss some of those methods.

40 Ways To Get Traffic To A Website Or Blog : Free Technique

1.Write Quality Unique Content:

Quality unique content is the only thing that can guarantee sustained traffic from different sources and help you build a brand around your site.Search engines love unique and fresh content.That can help you get good result from the search engines.

2.Add Content Regularly:

Don’t forget to add content regularly.More content means your website will be ranked for more keywords and eventually help you get more traffic.

3.Social Bookmarking Sites:

If you provide quality content then social bookmarking site can give you instant traffic.They can come in high number.Though most often thee traffic do not convert well,but it has a viral nature.

4.Blog Commenting:

This may be effective if done wisely.Do no go for the quantity.Leave comments on some top blogs.Never spam there.You can get some traffic.Also find blogs that has CommentLuv and Top Commentator plugin installed.These can help you market you blog properly.

5.Article Marketing:

Submit articles to the article directories.Article directories lets you include a link to your website from you author-bio section.You can get  decent traffic from these article directories.

6.Video Marketing:

Create videos and submit those to video hosting sites like YouTube.Video sites are very popular and can be good source of traffic.

7.Viral Marketing:

Create an eBook and give it away free in your website.Encourage your readers to distribute that book to their friends.This way it can reach to many people and it can bring traffic.

8.Directory Submission:

Submit your website or blog to the directories.There are thousands of website or blog directories.But,not all of the are of same quality.Find some quality directories and submit your site to those only.

9.Giveaway Free Stuffs:

Giveaway free stuffs like eBooks,Software,Blog or Website templates and more.This is a great way to encourage visitor to visit your site.

10.Guest Posting:

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Guest posting on other blogs is a great way to get regular traffic.There are many top blogs that lets others publish articles and they allow linkback to your website.Submit quality posts to handful of bogs.That can get you sustained traffic.

11.Traffic Exchanges:

More often these are low quality traffic that rarely converts.But,this is one of the way to get regular traffic.Never use Traffic Exchanges if you use Google AdSense on your site.There are even some blog traffic exchanges.

12.Organic Traffic:

That is the traffic you get from search engines.For that you need to optimize your site for search engines.Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular method of web promotion.It has two aspects- on-page SEO and off-page SEO.For on-page SEO you need to create keyword rich content and use header tags,optimize images etc.Off-page SEO mainly means link building,getting quality links.

13.RSS Marketing:

Publishing RSS is a very good way to get more traffic.Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.

14.Forum Marketing:

Find forums in your niche and contribute quality posts there.Most forums lets you put your website link in your forum signature.If you can promote yourself as an expert in your field, people may want to know bit more about you and visit your website.


Build Squidoo Lens and put your link in those.You can show your blog feed headline there.They are very popular and can get you lots of traffic.

16.Yahoo Answers:

It’s a great community where members help each other to find an answer to their questions.Fid questions relevant to your niche and put a link to your website in source field with your answer.You’ll surely get some traffic.Do Not Overdo This.


Facebook is a great tool to get loads of traffic to your site.They also lets you build a fan page for your website.

18.Other Social Networks:

Social networks like Twitter,Myspace can also be used to get traffic.But,may not get you best of the results.Certainly for the new webmasters these are not an easy source of traffic.

40 Ways To Get Traffic To A Website Or Blog : Free Technique40 Ways To Get Traffic To A Website Or Blog : Free TechniqueSEMrush

19.Buy PPC Traffic:

If you have money to invest you can buy traffic PPC search engines.These are ads shown with the search results by the search engines.If not done properly they can cost you lots of money without giving desired results.

20.Press Release:

Publishing press releases can be very productive.There are many free PR submission sites.Submit your PR there and you can expect some traffic from those sites.

21.Hold A Contest:

Contests are very popular way to increase your traffic and subscribers.People simple love free stuffs.Offer some cool stuffs as reward.You can also find some sponsors for your contest.

22.Write A List Post:

Create a list post-100 ways to monetize your site,20 websites to get free stuffs.List posts easily gets viral and shared in the social media sites.That can fetch loads of traffic and increase your search engine positions.

23.Create A Link Bait:

Link baits are such content that people willingly link to from their website.Link baits are great way to create buzz about your site and attract traffic.

24.Create A Question Answer Section:

Niche question & answer sites are very popular.Adding a question & answer section in your website can help you increase the popularity of your site.And help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

25.Document Sharing Sites:

Use document sharing sites like scribd to share eBooks,power points and more.These sites often brings good quality traffic to your site.

26.Offline Advertising:

Advertise  your site in newspapers,put your website address in your card and paint your URL in your car.Use any other way you know.

27.Classified Sites:

There are some high quality classified sites.Most of them do not allow to put direct link to your website.So you’ll have to get the email addresses of those interested and send them links via email.

28.Publish Newsletters:

Offer useful newsletters in your niche.people like to read quality newsletters.You’ll get loyal visitors to your sites.

29.Link Referral:

LinkReferral.com is a good way to get regular traffic.It’s not exactly a traffic exchange, but,works on the lines of traffic exchanges.The more member sites you visit the more visits you get i return.


LinkedIn is a good site to connect with professional from all around the world.This can open new ways of joint venture and little bit of traffic to your site.

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31.Long Tail Keywords:

Keyword research is the most important thing of SEO.If you choose the wrong keywords you may very well end up in losing the competition.Another aspect of keyword research is to avoid the generic keywords and use long tails.This is a smart way to increase your traffic.

32.Easy To Remember Domain Name:

Choose domain names that are easy to remember.

33.Encourage Share of Your Content:

Make it easy for the readers to share your content.Put social media buttons before or after the content.Give a clear call to share your content.

34.Buy Traffic From PTC(Paid To Click) Sites:

They are cheap and often non-productive.But,you can get those for cheap price. Particularly if you’re in the ‘Home Business’ niche,then it may not be a bad idea to try it.It works for me.

35.Create Themes or Templates and Submit to The Template Directories:

If you have a knack of designing then create a theme or template and submit that to the template directories.Free template directories are very popular and they can bring loads of traffic.

36.Interview an Expert:

Interviews are very popular among the readers.Find an expert in your niche and interview him.Interesting interviews of ten gets viral and brings huge traffic.

37.Offer a Free Service or Tool:

Offer a free service  like,free WordPress installation or offer some free web based tools from your server.Webmaster tools are very popular among the website owners.

38.Add a Forum To Your Site:

Adding a forum can be very effective.They attract visitors regularly to your site.

39.Add A Blog To Your Site:

Blogs are very effective marketing tool.Adding one to your site make your portfolio very strong.

40.User Generated Content Sites:

There are hundreds of them.They usually offer a link back to your site.Contribute quality content there and try to become popular among other members.You’ll surely get some good results.

We hope these tips are useful for you. If you liked or think that they can serve someone else, share them on your social networks and we will be eternally grateful to you =)

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