23 Link Building Methods For Beginners : A Unique Guide

Link building to a website means a process of getting inbound links from all around the web pointing to that website.Now, this is very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

Link building is very essential to make your website rank well in search engine ranking position.No website can do well without proper Link Building.But,you need to no the right ways of doing it.If gone wrong it can hurt your website badly.

23 Link Building Methods For Beginners : A Unique Guide

Link Building and Off page SEO can be done in many ways,Here are few of those-

1.Blog Commenting:

In recent times this method has lost most of value in the eyes of the Search Engines.But,if you can regularly comment on the top quality blogs in your niche you may get some decent traffic.Many blogs use Top Commentator,Comment Luv,Keyword Luv plugins that lets you get do follow links to your site.A Top Commentator link for a good quality site can get you lots of deep links.


Creating a blog to build link to your website is very effective.Blogs are very popular form of social media and their engaging nature get you lots of loyal readers.

3.Article Submission:

These days article directories are spammed heavily.But,if you write some quality original articles then you can get some traffic from your author bio links.

4.Directory Submission:

Most of the directories are penalized by Google in recent times.It’s better to find some niche directories and check their Page rank history before submitting your site.Do not over do this method,your site may also get penalized by Google.Rather stick to few good directories and submit there.

5..Gov Links:

If you can find few .gov links then that can do great for your site.

6..Edu Links:

Find few .edu links and your site will sure improve in ranking.Finding .edu links are easier than .gov links.There are many .edu blogs and forums.

7.Build A Squidoo Link:

Squidoo lens are great for link building and getting traffic.The good thing about Squidoo is that lenses get good page rank easily.

8.Web 2.0 Sites:

There are many web 2.0 site out there where you can post your content and a link back to your site for that.Web 2.0 site have high value in the eyes of the search engines.

9.Forum Links:

Forums are very popular way for getting links and immediate traffic.Most of the time you may  not get link from the page that has good page rank,but still they are effective method of link building.

10.Social Bookmarking Sites:

Links from Digg,Stumble Upon and most of the social bookmarking site are no follow. But,they can help your search engine ranking position.

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11.Guest Blogging:

This is the most popular method of link building these days.If you can get few posts to publish in the popular blog then you can get immediate visitors and links.

12.Answer Sites:

There are many answer site like Yahoo Answer,Web Answer. They lets you put a link to your site with your answer.Most of these site are no follow. But,I’ve found links from these site are very effective.

13.Document Sharing Sites:

Sharing your text,PDF,power point documents in the authority document sharing sites helps your site get more attention.

23 Link Building Methods For Beginners : A Unique Guide23 Link Building Methods For Beginners : A Unique GuideSEMrush

14.Social Networks:

Creating community around your website in the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter is a great way to get your website noticed.Search engine also spider these pages.

15.Press Release Submission:

This is one of the popular method of promotion.A well written Press Release can a re published on the news site and bring tons of traffic.Apart from that this methods helps in building your brand.

16.Search Engine Submission:

Submitting your site to the search engines is the first step in off page SEO. This is fasted way to get listed by the search engines and get free traffic from them.

17.Link Baiting:

It’s a process where you publish a top quality content that has the potential to get viral.Other websites may link to that content.This is a very fast method of link building.

18.Photo Sharing Sites:

Sites like Flickr,Photo Bucket are very popular and you can use that to your advantage.

19.Video Sites:

Video sites like YouTube, Metacafe gets millions of visits.If you know how to create great attractive videos then you can benefit from these sites.

20.Review Sites:

Review sites are very popular.Try and see if you get some people to review your website in the review sites like RateitAll etc. .

21.Local Listings & Yellow Pages:

You can list your website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Superpages, Hotfrog etc.This can help you to get targeted visitors.

22.Classifieds Sites:

Classified sites like Craigslist are very popular.Millions of people visit these site to find things of their interest.

23. Social Shopping:

Submit your eCommerce website and products to social shopping networks like Google Product Search, Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Online Shopping, and other major social shopping network sites.

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What are the best practices for Link Building?

Always remember these things while doing your link building campaign:

  • Try to get links from authority reputed sites.
  • Use of anchor text in the link is a must.You should use your targeted keywords in the anchor text.
  • One way links that are of most value.Don’t waste time in link exchange or reciprocal links.
  • Use different keywords in different links.Using same anchor text in all links is not a good practice.
  • Go slow.Don’t hurry in link building.
  • Contextual links are of most value.That is the links that comes from within the content rather than just a sidebar link or any link widget.
  • Deep linking is very important.That is you must get links to your inner page and not just to the home page.

Apart from the above methods you can exchange links with other webmasters,buy links,buy paid reviews from the bloggers.

There are many more methods that can be adopted to build links.Some of the method people still use are not effective these days.But,do not expect to get results in a week normally it take few weeks and often few months to get desired results.

We hope these tips are useful for you. If you liked or think that they can serve someone else, share them on your social networks and we will be eternally grateful to you =)

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