21 Legit Ways To Make Money With Your Online Blog Or Website

Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

There are many Realistic ways to make money with your blog.There are hundreds of ad networks,affiliate programs out there.Apart from that there are many other monetization options available only for the blogs.Here I’m going to discuss some of them-

21 Legit Ways To Make Money With Your Online Blog

1. Advertising Networks:

If you get lots of search engine traffic then Pay Per Click ads can be very profitable. Here you get paid for every click on the ads displayed on your site.Google AdSense is the leader in this type of advertising.

Earning per click varies depending on many aspects like,niche,traffic source and more.Many people making lot of money from AdSense alone.There are other very good alternative to AdSense as well.

2.Text Link Advertising:

Text link advertising creates advertising links on certain relevant keywords within your blog.This links are identifiable by the two underlines they have.Whenever someone mouse over these links ads show up.

3.CPM Advertising Networks:

CPM ads makes you money for number of impression that your site gets.CPM stands for cost per mille or cost per thousand impression.These are very popular because of the simplicity of the process,there is no wait for getting clicks on the ads or anything like that.The rate varies according to the niche.

4.Sell Advertising:

Once you’ve build your blog and started getting some decent traffic then you can leverage on that by accepting direct Advertising to your blog.

This can done in two ways –

A)Take all the trouble and try to get advertisers by yourself.This is the toughest way to get advertiser.But,if done properly this bring the most revenues for the webmasters.

B) Sign up with adverting marketplaces that helps you sell your ad space.They’ll take a percentage of the earnings from advertising.

If you do not want to give your hard earned money to other then go for the first option.

5. Pop-ups and Pop-under Ads:

These ads are normally not used in the blogs.Since these ads are very annoying, popular blogs avoid these type of ads.But,if your sole purpose is to get maximum out of blog then you can try these ads.

6. Audio and Video Ads:

There are few audio and video ad networks out there.Some of these are very annoying since the visitor has no control over them.These are short ads played every time someone visits your site.Like the Pop-ups and Pop-under ads,these ads also can do harm to your blog.

7.Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs are the most reward option for monetizing your website or blog.There are many of them-Clickbank,Commission Junction,Market Leverage.Initially you should only try Digital products.They are easy to sell and always gets high commission.Clickbank is the best place for digital products.

There are many types of affiliate networks like,CPA networks,Pay Per Leads networks,Pay Per Install networks,Multi-Tier networks and more.

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8.Paid Reviews:

This is another way to make money with your blog.Bloggers love doing paid reviews simply because of the straight forwardness of these programs.All you need to do is to write a review of the advertiser’s product and services and you’ll get paid.Many website works as a broker between the bloggers and advertisers.

9.Offer Services:

Are you an expert in something like web designing,SEO,content writing then you can use your blog to offer that service.Make your terms very clear and start actively promoting your service.You should always include your credentials and testimonials on your blog.

10.Build an Exclusive Member Area:

You can build an exclusive member area and offer paid membership to the members. This will only be effective when you are established as an expert in your niche and offering some exclusive information or services to the members.

11.Build a Store:

Build a store or shopping cart around your blog.Try to include the products that are related to your niche.A high traffic and engaging blog has very good potential to make lots of money out of a store.

12.Build Job Board:

There are many job sites that lets you include a job board into your website. Whenever someone posts a job via your blog you get paid.This is not for every blog though.If your blog is a popular and established one then only you can make some decent money out of this.

13.Monetize Your Feed:

The difference between a website and a blog is that blog is dynamic content that are updated regularly.Every blog must offer RSS feed to the visitors.This is particularly for those who can not visit your blog regularly and don’t want to miss and future post.An established blog can have many thousand feed readers.

21 Legit Ways To Make Money With Your Online Blog Or Website21 Legit Ways To Make Money With Your Online Blog Or WebsiteSEMrush

Why not monetize that feed.There are few way to monetize your feed.You can either put affiliate banners,or sell advertising on your feed or simply use the feed advertising networks for monetizing your feed.

14.Create and Sell Your Own Designs:

Sites like CafePress lets you design and sell your own products.If you love to design products like T-Shirts,cups,mouse pads etc then you can use this opportunity.If you have loyal reader base then selling becomes much more easier.

15.Create and Sell Your Own Products:

If you know how to create downloadable products,then this can be a great way to monetize your blog.A product can be any thing an eBook,software,online courses, audio and video and more.You can keep all the earnings.You can also start an affiliate program for that product.

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16.Blog Widgets:

There are widgets that lets you monetize your blog.These are easy to implement widgets.You do not need any template customization,just put the HTML code that they supply.

17.Private Forum:

If you’re an expert in your niche,open a private forum in your blog.You’ll have to provide quality content for your members and have to be available to them.

Charges can be decided according to the quality and niche of your forum.


An online marketplace allows your visitors to buy and sell products or services.You can charge fees for new listings.There are not many example of successful marketplaces around a blog,but still you may give it a try.

19.Build an Email List:

List building is one of the most profitable way to monetize your blog.If done properly this can fetch you very good income in future.


If you provide quality content in your blog,then you can think of placing a donation button.However if your blog is heavily monetized one don’t even think of putting a donation button.People just hate that.

21.Make Money From CPA Affiliate Programs

CPA or Cost Per Action is a form of affiliate marketing in which affiliates make money for every action made by the traffic they send.This action can be of many types,giving Email Address,Zip code,Phone Number or giving Credit Card details and more.

Make Money From CPA Affiliate Programs

This is very exiting form of making money online because you do not need to sell anything.Rather you get paid for sending traffic to the advertisers’ website that take some action.

Unlike other affiliate networks CPA affiliate networks prefer experienced affiliate marketers.So if you already have some success in affiliate marketing and an established website you can apply to join a CPA Network.Normally a complete newbie would find it difficult to get accepted in any CPA network.

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Also most of the CPA affiliate networks are based in the USA and their advertisers are also US based.So,they prefer those webmaster who are capable of bringing US traffic.That doesn’t mean you’ll have to be an US resident to be a part of a CPA network.But the majority of your traffic should be from the US,whatever marketing method you use.

Almost all the CPA networks require you to have your own established website.You need to provide your URL during the signing up process.Some networks may contact you via phone to check your knowledge and interest in the business.

For some networks you need to take the initiative and call the affiliate manager after completing the signing up process to check the status of your application.Unlike traditional affiliate networks CPA networks are hard to get accepted into.

Different CPA networks have different rules regarding the source of traffic,quality of leads and more.Before jumping into any program make sure you have gone through the rules and regulations very carefully.Lots of marketers use blackhat methods to increase their revenue.

That’s why CPA networks give more importance on the quality of the leads.This helps the advertisers stay safe from the fraudulent leads and loss of money.

CPA programs are very popular among the affiliate marketers simply because of the fact that they get paid to provide leads.You don’t need to put in lots of efforts to sale a $170 software,rather you just need to get your traffic to sign up with the advertisers and you get paid red hot money for that.

Here is list of few better CPA Networks:-

There are many more of these networks that you can work with.

We hope these tips are useful for you. If you liked or think that they can serve someone else, share them on your social networks and we will be eternally grateful to you =)


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