10 Strategies To Make You Visible And Get New Customers

10 Strategies To Make You Visible And Get New Customers

If customers do not see you, you do not exist. And if you do not exist, they can not hire your services.

This reasoning applies throughout your career as a freelance. But it is especially important at the beginning, when you still do not have enough experience, and you have not had the opportunity to build a network of clients and contacts.

That’s why we propose 10 basic strategies to make you see:

10 Strategies To Make You Visible And Get New Customers

1. Create a blog

It does not cost money, although it does require a little effort. Take advantage of the specialized knowledge you have about your area of ​​professional activity.

If you manage to feed your blog with good content, you can reach many people. Once you have acquired some diffusion and prestige in the community, it will be the clients who come to you.

2. Write as a guest on another blog

Another option is to write, from time to time, posts for magazines or websites that enjoy a good diffusion, or at least a certain recognition.

Participating in a blog as a “guest” also has an additional advantage: it does not require as much effort and regularity as feeding your own blog.

At the beginning, for you to select your post you will need some recognition in your area of ​​activity; and if not, you will have to submit a post that, by itself, endorses your merits and your knowledge.

In short: if you are able to write a good post, it will not be difficult for you to convince the webs or blogs that you usually read so that they publish it. You will all win.

3. Make a presentation

If you have any opportunity to speak in front of a group of professionals, or potential clients, do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

It’s not about selling anything. You are not a carnival charlatan, nor a TV salesman. It’s about sharing your knowledge with people in a dynamic and fun way. If you do it well, and people perceive that you know what you are talking about and that you are a reliable professional, it is very possible that they will contact you.

4. Participate in social networks

Weave a small network and you will end up meeting interesting people for your activity.

Do not get lost in the personal details. Remember that your objectives, the essence of your participation in these social networks, is professional in nature. Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

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5. Interviews

If someone proposes you to do an interview for a blog, a magazine or a newspaper, accept. It can be an excellent opportunity to take your knowledge to a wider audience and, why not, to publicize your activity.

10 Strategies To Make You Visible And Get New Customers10 Strategies To Make You Visible And Get New CustomersSEMrush

When the time comes to answer the questions, be respectful: do not ask you to sell yourself, but to contribute information of interest to readers / viewers.

6. Give an online seminar, create a podcast

With current technology, you can give seminars and online conferences about your areas of expertise. Generate videos and podcasts with your interventions and you can spread them on the network.

The key, as always, is in the quality of your knowledge, and in your ability to expose them in an orderly and attractive manner. If your courses and presentations are useful for other professionals, you will soon become a reference, and potential customers will hear about you.

7. Join a professional group

Social Group

The group can be offline or online, as you prefer. The idea is that you can exchange opinions and knowledge with other professionals. This way you will have the opportunity to establish contacts.

You will meet other professionals, and they will know you. Surely you will find opportunities to collaborate, and to do complementary work.

8. Sign up for a course (better if it’s face-to-face)

Classes, especially if they are face-to-face, not only help you update your knowledge, but also allow you to meet many other people with interests similar to yours. It is, therefore, an excellent source of professional contacts.

9. Write a book

It is true that writing a book are major words. But if you’ve already acquired the skill and discipline to write posts regularly, it does not have to be that hard.

  • First of all, have something interesting to tell. For that you have to know enough, or at least you have to be willing to investigate with some rigor until you get to know it.
  • Then it’s about clarifying your ideas, and being able to organize your knowledge well.
  • Create an index and then develop the themes. Surely you can take advantage of much of what you have been posting on your blog.

Thanks to the Internet, distribution is not a problem, as long as your main objective is not to make money. If the book is really interesting, you will reach many people and, to put it in some way, you will take a step forward in your consideration as a professional.

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10. Participate with quality comments

Everything you do leaves a mark, much more if you do it online. A good comment can complete the information of a post extraordinarily well. So much so that people who make quality comments are also recognized and valued.

Try to be rigorous and respectful with the author and, of course, do not look for direct self-promotion, but provide information that expands, improves or completes the contents of the original post. The author will thank you, and the readers too. Other comments will come up about your comments, and you will begin to weave a network of contacts that will be of great help for your activity.

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