10 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 2019 [Clickbank Alternatives] And How To Use Them?

While ClickBank is one of the best options for online marketers today, the good news is that there are several great alternatives as well. There are ten ClickBank alternatives that help promote physical products, and such an option is not available with ClickBank. Some may simply want to explore other alternatives instead of depending on a single source, and for such people, the following alternatives will certainly be a boon.

Here Are The 10 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs Alternatives To ClickBank:

High Paying Affiliate Programs [Clickbank Alternatives]

10. eBay Partner Network

best clickbank alternatives

eBay Partner Network is almost similar to the Amazon affiliate program, where you get to display and market an amazing variety of products. However, you need a really strong website that has substantial high-quality traffic to succeed.

This is one of the sites similar to ClickBank, though more sophisticated and with a wide range of products and the added attraction of the credibility that eBay already enjoys. With people already reposing their trust in eBay, it is not an easy task to get accepted by this network. The precondition is that you need to have a good website with quality traffic.

Comparison of eBay and ClickBank
  • The range of products on eBay Partner Network is much larger than what ClickBank has to offer.
  • eBay has a large number of physical products, while ClickBank banks more on digital products.
  • The credibility rating of eBay’s sales pages is much higher than that of most such websites, including ClickBank, which has its limitations.
  • Unless your website already enjoys substantial high-quality traffic, you will not be considered by eBay, while ClickBank has no such restrictions.
  • eBay has to approve you request, which could take some time, while ClickBank lets you signup almost immediately through a very simple process.
  • The common factor with both eBay and ClickBank are the ease with which they can be understood and used.

How To Earn Using eBay Partner Network?

The Mantra is quite simple: Find, Share and Earn

1. Find: You are already aware of people’s likes and dislikes, whether it is through your Twitter feeds or your website that has considerable traffic already.

2. The choice is wide: eBay has a whopping 800 million listings to which you can invite your audience, granting them access through links to the products they are crazy about like collectibles, fashion articles, electronic items, home appliances and much more.

3. A collection of the best brands: With people being highly choosy and brand conscious, the brands available on eBay will leave them a bit overwhelmed. They were probably looking for such an alternative for quite some time and would be thankful to your for having led them here.

4. Share: eBay has made things easy by sharing listings with a select, targeted audience. You get access to a variety of tools that help with the listing and include simple link generators that allow you to add select items to your site. It also includes high-volume product feeds that grant access to a wide range of products to your audience. There are simple and easy-to-understand reports from eBay that help you measure your current performance and improve it steadily through the analytics gained from such reports.

9. Amazon Associates

best seo keyword research toolAmazon Associates is one of the best alternatives to ClickBank; however, one major drawback with Amazon is that the commission percentages are very low. The truth is Amazon is probably the biggest player in the e-tail and Internet marketing business; any affiliate stands to get all the benefits that accrue in being an affiliate to such a big entity.

Amazon probably has its finger in every pie as it is one of the biggest networks with enormous reach globally. An affiliate promoting with Amazon has the advantage of taking up any niche it fancies. The best part is the ease with which an affiliate will be able to set up the business and operate without any hassles.

Amazon’s credibility can give an affiliate immense benefits; it is probable that most of the population would have heard of Amazon at some time or the other and are quite aware that it is a legitimate online business. People shopping with Amazon online do not have any misgivings and would rather buy here than from an unknown website that hasn’t established itself very well as yet.

The only grouse affiliates can have with Amazon is the meager commissions they offer, and the only way to earn decent revenues is by increasing the turnover manifold. To achieve this, the affiliate needs to drive maximum traffic and indulge in vigorous sales activities. An affiliate also needs to remember that there is a mere 24-hour window that is available within which the referrals need to buy, else the affiliate cannot claim the commission.

Getting approved by Amazon and being accepted is probably the trickiest part of the deal. The first requirement is to have a good website that has sizeable organic traffic. Hence, if you have a website but no traffic worth talking about, first focus on generating traffic before you approach Amazon as the company is likely to reject you if there is not much traffic being diverted to your website.

Comparison of Amazon Associates and ClickBank
  • Firstly, Amazon has a vast repertoire of products and exhaustive categories, while ClickBank boasts only limited products and categories.
  • Amazon has an A to Z of physical products, whereas ClickBank has only digital products on offer.
  • The credibility of Amazon pages is quite incomparable, and sites like ClickBank lack such credibility, which is a major drawback.
  • ClickBank scores on the commission front as they pay much more than the meager commission paid by Amazon.
  • A small volume of sales on ClickBank is enough to break even, whereas Amazon demands high sales volumes to justify your very existence.
  • While signing up with Amazon, it is mandatory to have a good website with sizable organic traffic, whereas with ClickBank you just need to sign up first and can even build your website later.
  • When it comes to ease in usage and understanding the concept, both Amazon and ClickBank are on even ground.

How to earn using Amazon Associates Network?

With Amazon, an affiliate gets a chance to earn up to 10% advertising fees through this trusted e-commerce giant. Joining is pretty easy and does not cost anything. You can even get your site up and running in a very short time, and all that is required is an approval to join, and no third-party advertiser approvals required. Adding links is very easy, and you can use the Site Stripe toolbar for adding links and catch a quick glance of the possible earnings.

You can navigate to any of the millions of Amazon product details pages and capture the links as and when you are viewing them. The Site Stripe toolbar even allows you to build short links. Posting on your Facebook page or Twitter is very easy, and you can leave a link to the Amazon page that you are viewing.

Moreover, you have the liberty of using the various simple linking tools to fulfill your advertising needs and monetize your website effectively. You can advertise the millions of products available on Amazon to your customers.

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8. PeerFly

PeerFly online keyword research tool is a great CPA affiliate network which is custom-built and has a range of high-quality offers that are irresistible. PeerFly has earned itself an enviable reputation, and the company has also done away with the formalities of having to apply and be approved.

There is an easy verification process, and the moment you get accepted you know that you are in safe hands. This network values quality and integrity, which it cherishes, and sometimes an affiliate may have to wait a little longer for the application to be processed.

The custom-built software of PeerFly makes things a lot easier. Hence you can forget harrowing downtime blues or any related hosting issues. You can opt to become a publisher by applying from any part of the world. The payout options are also very convenient, with weekly payout options, doing away with the need to wait a whole month for your commissions. The options include payments that are made via PayPal, Payoneer, or you can opt for check payments or have your payments wired to you, provided you reside in the United States.

Comparison of PeerFly and ClickBank
  • While ClickBank offers digital products, PeerFly is a CPA affiliate network.
  • Getting accepted with PeerFly involves a waiting period while the application is processed, whereas ClickBank accepts you instantly.
  • The common factor with both is that they are quite user-friendly.
  • PeerFly is comparatively smaller that ClickBank, however, the CPA network is keen on filtering out unwanted products and does not encourage shady online marketers.

How to earn using Amazon Associates Network?

PeerFly is a fast-growing affiliate network that boasts a custom tracking platform and has over 2,000 live offers. What’s more is that the payouts are guaranteed, with a feature for accelerating payment options. There are always reward programs and contests from which the affiliate can benefit, and the set of free tools and training being offered is quite irresistible.

It is considered the number one affiliate network, and being a small independent network, they are generous with the payouts, and openly challenge any other network to match their commissions.

The payments are made on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, with the affiliate having the liberty to choose the option that suits. The referral program allows you to refer any number of new publishers. PeerFly affiliates (read publishers) have earned tidy sums and joining the network assures a steady income.

7. JVZoo

free competitor keyword research toolJVZoo is not very different from ClickBank as it is also a digital product network and is meant for sellers and affiliates who are into digital products. The advantage with this site is that it is pretty simple and navigation is rendered very easy.

This gives you a chance to explore the site before deciding on what products you would like to promote before you can sign up with them.

There may be some minor drawbacks which have caused some negative reviews; however, it is not something that cannot be overcome. One particular review complained that a product listed under a specific category had a link that did not work and showed an error message saying the page could not be found. Moreover, the content on the website is probably written by a novice and has glaring mistakes, making the site amateurish.

However, the fact of the matter is that people have been making money through the site, and its revenue generating capacity cannot be ignored. Hence, it makes sense to go through the products and categories before deciding on the products you would like to promote. It is advisable to leave out the products that do not have good quality as this can affect the reputation of your site in the long run.

Comparison of JVZoo and ClickBank
  • Product wise, both the networks promote the same digital products
  • The online reputation of JVZoo is not established as yet, and this could cause some concern. Whereas ClickBank is an established name that enjoys a good reputation.
  • ClickBank has a collection of good products that can be easily located, thanks to the efficient and fast filtration process (gravity filter). JVZoo lacks such features.
  • Both networks are free and easy to navigate and explore. Signing up with either of the sites is an easy task that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

How to earn using Amazon Associates Network?

Although JVZoo is a comparatively new entrant to the online business, and has a good presence, especially as a network that promises people ways and means to make money online. There is a host of products including ebooks, tutorials (videos), apps, software packages, and plugins. People into email marketing may find these products useful as would those into list creation, product development and self-help.

Coming to the question of making money through JVZoo, it appears that the possibility does exist. Although the network has become popular quite recently, the fact is that they have been around for quite some time now, and there don’t seem to be any negative reviews, which is a major plus point by itself. The network has a name for being a prompt paymaster.

However, as a lot of dubious products are being offered along with some genuine products, you need to be careful about what you are going to choose to sell. After all, it is someone else’s product that you are going to sell, and although making money is your main motive like that of most businesses, you should think of your reputation as well.

6. Affiliate.com

what is the best keyword research tool for seoAlthough not very popular as yet, Affiliate.com has earned itself a good reputation already. However, instead of preferring newbies, this network prefers affiliates with some experience, advanced, or at least intermediate.

Hence, people venturing out new will probably be rejected, and need to try elsewhere first before partnering up with Affiliate.com. The reviews about this network have been encouraging, and positive, so experienced people already in the trade can give it a quick shot.

There is a simple form that you need to fill out to become an affiliate, and you can expect the review and acceptance to happen in a couple of business days, utmost. You are likely to get a call to confirm the info you have provided and will be assigned an affiliate manager who will be handling your account. Affiliate.com claims to have over 2,000 live campaigns in operation currently covering various products and categories. Hence, there is no dearth of choices, and you get to pick the one that suits you best.

Comparison of Affiliate.com and ClickBank
  • Affiliate.com is more into CPA offers, whereas ClickBank is into digital products.
  • While Affiliate.com insists on partnering with affiliates with moderate to advanced experience, ClickBank does not have any such restrictions
  • The application process at Affiliate.com is rather elaborate, and you’ll need to wait a couple of days for them to call you. Whereas with ClickBank the job is completed immediately.
  • Affiliate.com assigns dedicated affiliate managers who can be a great help, ClickBank has no such arrangement, and you are on your own.

How to earn using Affiliate.com?

While there are several interesting offers like CPA, CPL and CPS offers that guarantee a minimum payment of $100, the payment frequency also is quite generous at Net-15 or weekly. The payment method is either by check, wire (for U.S.) or PayPal and ACH. The referral commission is a generous 5%, giving you a chance to earn well through the referral program.

There are several positive reviews where one affiliate claims that the affiliate manager is highly responsive and the offers mostly turn into solid conversions. The company has earned a name for being upfront and trustworthy. Another review claims that it offers galore with offers being made available around the clock. They are responsive to all requests, and requests for higher payouts are handled deftly.

One other reviewer claims to have been with Affiliate.com for the past five years and claims that they are by far one of the best networks around. The customer support team is outstanding, with the payouts being very fair. Another person claims that for all the time they’ve worked with Affiliate.com, they’ve never had any serious issues.

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5. GlobalWideMedia Neverblue

keyword research tools seoOne of the most respected CPA networks Neverblue is an expert specializing in cost-per-action (CPA) and advertising. CPA is quite different from product based affiliate marketing people are used to. To earn commission on Neverblue, you just need to have people visit the site and perform an action. It could be signing up (read as a referral) or simply filling out an online form. This way, affiliates get to earn handsome commissions even without closing a sale.

10 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 2019 [Clickbank Alternatives] And How To Use Them?10 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 2019 [Clickbank Alternatives] And How To Use Them?SEMrush

Neverblue prefers to connect people who want better traffic to be diverted to their sites and people who could do with some leads. With the reputation Neverblue has earned for itself earning through this network should not be difficult for most affiliates. However, the hardest part in associating with Neverblue is probably being accepted. The site is known for scrutinizing applications and looking at the prospects through a magnifying glass.

They are always on the lookout for frauds and believe in conducting thorough checks before allowing an affiliate to sign up. People who believe in hanky-panky business or believe in dodgy practices need to keep well away from Neverblue. If an affiliate is upfront and honest, there should be no difficulty whatsoever in signing up. Neverblue welcomes newbies and soon after you submit your application you need to wait for a call from the affiliate manager who will be assigned to you.

Comparison Of Neverblue And Clickbank
  • Neverblue believes in connecting an affiliate with the relevant CPA offers, whereas ClickBank is more digital-product
  • Neverblue has affiliate managers who reach out, work with the affiliates, and answer all questions patiently, whereas with ClickBank you are on your own from day one.
  • While it is difficult to be accepted by Neverblue, and there is a waiting period, ClickBank is more liberal and lets you sign up almost immediately.
  • However, once you have signed up, both networks are pretty easy to work with.

How To Earn Using Affiliate.Com?

Just as with Affiliate.com, Neverblue also has tons of CPA, CPC, CPL and CPS offers, with the minimum guaranteed payment being $100. The payment frequency is fixed at monthly payments with Net-15 payment terms.  The mode of payment is through PayPal, Check, Wire or Echeck (ACH or direct deposit). The referral commission is fixed at 5% set for 6 months.

The reviews are quite encouraging, and most of them highlight the availability of the affiliate managers, who can be contacted at any time. The reviews claim that the network is very professional with absolutely no issues when it comes to payouts. There is also the high conversion rate to consider, not mentioning the premium offers and unfailing support.

4. Market Health

free seo keyword research toolMarket Health is a health and beauty affiliate network offering a wide range of health products. The choice of categories includes weight loss, colon health, general health, health supplements, natural skin care products, men’s health products, cosmetics, sports nutrition, health and beauty and much more.

Signing up with Market Health is probably the easiest part of the deal, and what’s more is the site is incredibly easy to use. Browsing by product category gives you an idea of the wide range of products available; one can also search for featured products. Sorting by country or language is another welcome feature, making Market Health products available all over the world.

Once you look up the products, you will get an idea of the cost per action (CPA), and clicking on any of the featured products will instantly take you to the page that contains all the information about the particular product. You also have information about the payouts for each conversion and get a preview of the sales page along with a tracking link.

Customizing your tracking link is easy, and can be done in different ways, for instance, you can generate a TinyURL version, or go ahead and add sub IDs, doing which allows you to review the performance of any particular link in the conversion report you desire. You are also allowed to use banners of some products on your website. You can find the related information about this on the products page of the website.

Comparison Of Market Health And Clickbank
  • Market Health is a health and beauty specific network and deals with only health related niches, whereas ClickBank deals in digital products.
  • For people who are already in the health niche, Market Health is probably the best network to become an affiliate with, and ClickBank may not suit such health niches only affiliates.
  • ClickBank is an affiliate network that is into digital products, and Market Health as the name signifies is into physical products related to health and beauty care.
  • With ClickBank, it is easy to select the products using the gravity filter, which gives information about the products success rate with other affiliates. However, Market Health has no such feature, and it is difficult to track the performance of any particular product before you can choose it.
  • Both the networks are quite easy to work with, and there are no unforeseen hassles.

How To Earn Using Market Health?

Commission payments are made on a bi-monthly basis, and you can expect the payments on the 1st and 16th of every month, with the minimum amount being $20. The sales generated during the current month (1st to 15th) is consolidated and paid on the 1st of the following month, and the sales generated from the 16th to the 31st is paid on the 16th of the following month. Hence, affiliates need to note that there is a two-week accounting period before the payouts can be received.

The payment options include check by Mail, Wire transfers, Skrill, Pre-Paid debit card, Payoneer. One bonus with Market Health is that you will be eligible for special payment and payment requirements if you can manage 20 or more sales per day. Some current offers include the chance to earn up to 60% rev share, or up to $60 CPA for Men’s and Women’s Hair Regrowth Affiliate Program online.

Similarly, the Breast Feeding Affiliate Program promises affiliate revenues of up to 60% rev share or $50CPA. The other popular programs that assure guaranteed returns include the Eczema Cream Affiliate Program, which has been developed with leading dermatologists, and the Forskolin Diet Affiliate Program also known as the Forskolin Fuel Weight Loss Program is combined with an exercise regimen that guarantees weight loss for the customer and steady revenues for the affiliate.

3. ShareASale

keywords research tool freeShareASale is a well-known affiliate-marketing network that has been in business for 17 years. However, it may not be the best platform for beginners as they have an endless list of terms and conditions in their service agreement that takes quite some time to go through. When it comes to searching merchants on the site, you need to place your cursor on the merchant that interests you and wait for the menu and hit “search for merchants.”

You may use keywords during your search, or if you prefer to, you can also search by category or go for the advanced search that gives you a mixture of information. However, it is not that easy to sign up for the affiliate program. Before you can sign up, you need to establish that you have your website. To do this, you are required to place a key in the header tag of the website.

ShareASale has made it convenient for online shoppers by creating a basket where you can add the products of your choice before checking out. You can have a collection of products or merchants in your basket, and save the data for further reference. You can review the products and merchants and apply for them if you wish, and also export the information whenever you please. ShareASale offers a choice of physical and digital products.

Comparison Of Shareasale And Clickbank
  • When compared to the ease with which you can navigate on ClickBank, ShareASale is not that straightforward with its features.
  • While ClickBank has only digital products, ShareASale offers both digital products and physical products as well.
  • You can choose your preferred products and merchants on ShareASale and save the lists, thanks to the “basket” feature, whereas ClickBank has no such feature.
  • People wishing to sign up with the ShareASale need to prove that they own the website they have, whereas ClickBank does not have any such conditions.

How To Earn Using ShareAsale?

ShareASale is an affiliate program that makes payments for promoting products registered with them. Payments will be made as and when the balance in the affiliates account reaches $50. While merchants also sign up with ShareASale, affiliate marketers also sign up to promote the products of the merchants.

The interface of ShareASale is very user-friendly, and even newbies will understand the nitty-gritty of using the platform. Affiliates have the liberty to sign up for any product that takes their fancy. The wide range of products includes Genesis themes and goes up to Fortune 500 businesses and their products.

There are two programs, Pay Per Sale, and Pay Per Lead. There are also some programs that entitle affiliates to receive 2 Tier commission. Any affiliate with a moderate reach to the audience can sign up with ShareASale, and the various niches include:

  • Book Publishing by Blurb
  • Dating by Quality Blooms, cards
  • Technology by Alishell LLC
  • Blogging by StudioPress, WPEngine, Hootsuite
  • Clothing and Fashion by Eczosplay, Mart of China
  • Food and Fitness by Pregprep, World Genetics Nutrition
  • Weddings by Ybridal

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2. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

research keywords toolCJ Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction, is easy to navigate and carries a ton of useful stats. You can choose from the huge variety of product types available for promotion. However, with CJ Affiliate, you need to first apply to be accepted by advertisers. Unlike ClickBank, where the waiting period is absent, at CJ Affiliate it takes quite some time to be accepted. However, it is not a difficult task being accepted provided you are already a legitimate marketer and believe in ethical practices.

At CJ Affiliate the Mantra is to “connect with consumers the whole world over,” hence there is no dearth of business, and this global company and platform is probably the best thing that happened to you as an affiliate marketer. With the wide range of tools at your disposal, you can increase conversions and enhance program performance. You will find that it is rather easy to filter the product searches using variables such as serviceable areas, category, country, language, currency and more. You can find the best products to promote and go ahead with the promotion without any hiccups.

Once you have zeroed in on the products you feel will suit you best, you can even refine your options, thanks to the information at your disposal. CJ Affiliate makes sure you have access to the following to help you:

  • Earnings of the network
  • Data showing the average earnings per click for 3 months
  • Data showing the average earnings per click for the past seven days
  • The approximate commission you can make out of a sale

To get more info on a particular product, all you need to do is to click on the product, and you get information about the company, a brief description, terms and conditions of the program and lot more. As a CJ Affiliate, you get to promote a wide variety of products.

Comparison of CJ Affiliate by Conversant and ClickBank
  • CJ Affiliate has digital products as well as physical products that you can promote, whereas ClickBank has a drawback with only digital products on offer.
  • With CJ Affiliate you need to get the approval of the advertiser before you can be accepted, whereas with ClickBank there is no such condition. The process of becoming an affiliate at CJ Affiliate is very slow and long drawn out.
  • Both networks provide a ton of information about the products enabling the affiliate to make an informed decision; in this case, both the networks are at par.

How To Earn Using CJ Affiliate By Conversant?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a firm commitment, as advertisers are not interested in publishers who are not very serious about the business. Secondly, you need to ensure that your website is optimized, as this is the key to success as an affiliate. Make sure that your site’s SEO is perfect. To have effective SEO, you need to have quality content because advertisers are staking their reputation on your content and would want only the best.

CJ Affiliate keeps meticulous records of your performance and of the commissions paid and to be paid. In case you do not show results within the first six months, you are running the risk of having your account closed. However, a serious affiliate starts showing results from the first months itself, so there’s no reason to be alarmed. If such an unfortunate thing does happen, you will also be charged $10 for closing your account.

To continue as a CJ Affiliate marketer, you need to earn $10,000 per month by way of commissions. Although the target is quite high, you should be able to achieve it through perseverance and hard work. There is also a network quality review that you need to get through, where the review audits your traffic and target audience who are ultimately sent to the advertiser’s site.

1. Rakuten LinkShare

alternatives to clickbankThe advantage with Rakuten LinkShare is that one can get affiliate offers for leading brands. However, you need to apply first to be able to promote the products. Getting accepted is not an easy for most affiliate marketers as the company prefers marketers with prior experience.

Rakuten LinkShare is an affiliate network that specializes in physical products, and there is a wide range of product options to choose from. Most of the products on sale are from leading brands that are already well-known in the market. That may be one reason why the sign-up process is rather difficult, though the company does provide the necessary inputs to help you along.

Once you are accepted, you can expect to receive a welcome email that contains all the relevant information on how to get started. You will also know how to log in the first time through a pop-up that has some good pointers.

Once you go through the email and the information provided, you will get to know that you need to apply to every single advertiser whose product you wish to deal in and get accepted before commencing. You need to be up to the advertisers’ standards and wait for the approvals before they let you promote their products. 

Moreover, since most of the brands are established and advertisers pay to use this particular network, the commission paid to the affiliates is rather meager, and much lower than what is normally paid by the other networks.

Maybe to compensate this drawback, Rakuten LinkShare has a deep linking feature that helps link specific products featuring on the advertiser’s site. The visitors are directed to the product page directly instead of going to the homepage of the advertiser first.

Comparison of Rakuten LinkShare and ClickBank
  • The signing up process with Rakuten LinkShare is very time consuming and complicated, whereas with ClickBank the process can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • An affiliate can get accepted in ClickBank almost instantly for most products, however, with Rakuten LinkShare, there is no guarantee as each advertiser has to accept you.
  • Rakuten LinkShare has physical products to promote, whereas ClickBank has only digital products to promote.
  • Rakuten LinkShare has some leading brands listed with them, whereas ClickBank does not have many leading brands.
  • Since most of the brands are big, getting accepted with Rakuten LinkShare is difficult; this difficulty does not exist with ClickBank.
  • Only experienced affiliate marketers will find Rakuten LinkShare suitable for their needs, whereas ClickBank encourages even newbies.

How To Earn Using Rakuten Linkshare?

Rakuten LinkShare makes payments on a weekly basis. It is Rakuten that processes all the payments and merchants are not made aware of the payment details. The payment process is initiated after the completion of the delivery, and the payment periods close Tuesdays. Rakuten LinkShare pays through check or direct deposit, and this is certainly great news for affiliate marketers located in far-flung areas anywhere in the world. Payments are made on Wednesday via ACH transfer, and the proceeds will be credited to the accounts within three business days.

As an affiliate, you need to make sure that you have an International bank account or a Foreign Currency account, so that irrespective of which country you are in, the payments will come through without any problems. Payments are initiated when the affiliate marketer reaches the payment threshold, which you can specify yourself while applying to open an account.

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